Monday, November 29, 2010

OnCue "Leftovers" (Mixtape)


OnCue returns less than three months after dropping Cuey Sings The Blues
with his second project of 2010, Leftovers. Cuey spits about the heavy plethora of personal topics that have garnered him the attention that he has received thus far. Following his progression from Cueyfornication until now has us paying close attention to what he has in store for the future. Presented by Academy Printwear, in conjunction with DJ Booth.


Dam-Funk "The Sound Of Modern Funk" (Video)


We have just recently begin to really dig deep into Dam-Funk's catalog of work. Although familiar with a track or two, we cannot consider ourselves knowledgeable on the artist, but mixes like this are surely helping. While downloading his remix of Biggie's Going Back To Cali, we ran across this mix. Featuring tracks by Oddisee, Dibia$e, and many others, this mix is absolute ear candy.


Kid Cudi "Mojo So Dope" (Video)

Cudi unleashes the visual for one of our top tracks from The Legend Of Mr. Rager.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Imaginary Foundation presents "The Undivided Mind" (Exhibit)


Imaginary Foundation presents The Undivided Mind, which will be featured at FIFTY24SF in San Francisco from November 19-28. The theory of art based on science reminds us of the expression in Dali's late work.

for more details.

Estelle & John Legend "Sing & Flow: The Duets" (EP)



The Art of Miles Davis


We find most of his pieces to be an intruiging combination of Basquiat, Dali, and Picasso. Who knew?

View more at

Happy Thanksgiving


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crown Royale "Crown Jewels" (Mixtape)


Buff 1 and DJ Rhettmatic team up once again, in association with 2dopeboyz
to bring you Crown Jewels. Haven't heard of either artist before? Listen to Ghosting,
the latest by Buff 1 and Beats by Rhettmatic: The Boom Bap Collection 2.0,
the most recent project by DJ Rhettmatic.

DOWNLOAD Crown Jewels

Terry Urban "How My Brain Works 3" (Mixtape)


Terry Urban presents the third volume of his How My Brain Works mixtape series, this time offering tracks pairing the Beatles and E-40 (among others) and also pits Drake against Led Zeppelin. Always on point, this third time seems to be the charm. Although How My Brain Works 1 & 2 are masterful, this time around Urban appears to be at his best and has perfected the mash-up.


Flying Lotus f. Blu "GNG BNG" (Video)

If anyone knows who created the visual to accompany this track, please hit us up on Twitter with the name.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mac Miller "Knock, Knock" (Video)

The latest visuals from K.I.D.S.

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Chuuwee "Sunday Afternoon" (EP)


Chuuwee mentioned on Twitter that he would be dropping an EP this past weekend. The end result is Sunday Afternoon, six tracks inspired by the latter half of the day.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Koncept "Playing Life" (Album)


Koncept (Brown Bag Allstars) presents Playing Life, his latest project featuring Sene and J57. The download was made available in August, but is well worth the $10 to get a copy with the exclusive tracks included at Bandcamp. Word to Koncept.


Black Einstein "Whatever Happened To Major Tom?" (EP)


This 7-track EP features Maseo (De La Soul), Mystro, and others against the sounds of David Bowie. We think that the artwork and the sound is clean. Word to Soul Culture.


King Mez x Stussy "Hoppin Over Fences" (mp3)


We spotted the ad for the King Mez x Stussy collab this past Saturday while thumbing the pages of the Winter catalog from Upper Playground in Berkeley. Yet we had no idea that we would run smack into the track again on Monday via an entirely different channel. Glad we did.


DJ Muggs & Bambu "Los Angeles, Philippines" (Mixtape)


Bambu goes in against the sounds of the Soul Assassin. We have been chomping at the bit for this project to drop, and is undoubtedly one of favorites of 2010.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jern Eye & Headnodic "Infinity Gems" (EP)


Bay Area spitter Jern Eye has linked up with fellow left-coaster Headnodic to present Infinity Gems, a collaborative effort in which Jern Eye rides Headnodic's production alongside One.Be.Lo and Ms. K, among others. Word to DJ Booth.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Curren$y f. Raekwon "Michael Knight (Remix)" (Video)

Raekwon cuts up the Michael Knight beat like the Chef that he is. We wouldn't mind seeing more collabos from these two, they seem to go together as well as Spitta and Fiend.

URB Interview Wiz Khalifa (Video)

URB Magazine sat down to chop it up with Wiz about all things Taylor'd.

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Sene & J57 "Eye Don't Dream...But I Do" (EP)


Sene and J57 are set to release a collaborative album sometime in 2011, and in preparation they have dropped this five-track EP, Eye Don't Dream...But I Do. The chill sounds make for great daydreaming, and lull the listener to allow their rhymes to seep into the mind.

Hit us up on the comments to let us know what you think.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Falside "Fall, Stand The F**k Up" (Mixtape)


Falside reminds us of Cecil Otter, in a way. Although Otter's sound is more along the lines of DJ Shadow, Falside seems to find the curious nature of Endtroducing... and meld that the emotion of Prefuse 73 and the soul of Ant (Atmosphere), creating tracks that are unmistakable. Fall, Stand The F**k Up takes his progression in beatmaking one step further, and is completed with a remix of Wiz Khalifa's breakout, Say Yeah. Not into beat tapes? Listen to Dollars Make Change, released in February of this year.

DOWNLOAD Fall, Stand The F**k Up

DOWNLOAD Dollars Make Change

Jay-Z On The Daily Show (Video)

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Soul Khan "Soul Like Khan" (Album)


We really do not have a good excuse for not posting this sooner. You have all seen dude - Part Brown Bag Allstar and part Grendel, he's been chewing up other artists and spitting them back out on the daily for weeks now. Regardless of our lapse, take time to download this album. It should be on EVERYONE'S sick list.


MED f. Aloe Blacc "Where I'm From"

Every track that MED has dropped this year has been a Classic. Then he went and threw Aloe on the track and...

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A Celebration Of Michael "Eyedea" Larsen (Video)

This video should illustrate to anyone how significant of an element Eyedea was (and will remain to be) to the hip-hop community.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Kid Daytona "The Interlude" (Mixtape)


The Kid Daytona has been slowly and seriously building since the release of his Daytona 500 mixtape with Mick Boogie back in 2009, even considering the usual delays along the way. The Interlude, his latest outing, pits Daytona against production from 9th Wonder and 6th Sense, and also features Aloe Blacc and Freddie Gibbs. Hit up the comments to let us know your thoughts on the project.


Monday, November 15, 2010

DJ Stone & DJ September 7th "ODB – Eternal Legend" (Mixtape)


DJ Stone and DJ September 7th, put this, the second installement of their Eternal Legend mixtapes, together in celebration of Ol’ Dirty’s life through his music and to mark the 6th anniversary of his passing. Mixed my DJ Stone (of the Cali Untouchables) this dope mixtape is a must have for all Wu-Tang and Hip Hop fans alike.


Gotham Green & DJ Quickie Mart f. Jackie Thon "Been Doin' It" (Video)

The latest video installment from Haze Diaries, Vol. 3.

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Mick Boogie "93 Til Infinity" (Mixtape)


NYC-based Mick Boogie, known for his eclectic DJ sets and amazing mixtapes, is also an avid basketball fan and a video game junkie. With the recent return of the classic 90's arcade game NBA JAM (now refreshed and remixed for 2010), Mick was inspired to put together a mixtape of classic and rare 90's remixes that serve as the soundtrack to where we were back in the day. Being that NBA JAM dropped in 1993... Mick's decision to call the mix "93 Til' Infinity" was the only appropriate choice!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Andre 3000 "Alter Ego" (Mixtape)


Upon its release two years ago, we downloaded this tape immediately and for good reason. The tape is solid, front to back. But the breakdowns that have been applied to the originals are what make the project better than average. Add to that the fact that we don't ever really tire of listening to 3 Stacks and you can see why we are posting it now.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Various Artists "A3C Beats & Lyrics 2 To Go (RV Edition)" (Mixtape)


Starstruck by 4-ize and Grey Skies by God'silla are the stand-outs for us.


Dom Kennedy "Locals Only" (Video)

This video has such a smoothness to it. Reminds us of NOLA.

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Psalm One f. Del Tha Funky Homosapien "Ginsu Knives" (Video)

Having lived, at different points in time, in New Orleans, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and now the Bay Area, we have had the luxury of seeing both of these artists in person, and both are worth their weight in gold. The perspective that they bring to the table individually is enough to keep the mind interwined in their lyrics for a minute. Collectively? Whoa...

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Rugz D. Bewler "Save Bewler: The Memoirs Of Muhammad McFly" (Mixtape)


We love that artists like Rugz D. Bewler are making an effort at returning to fun-filled hip-hop. That is not to say that politically-driven or even some harder-spitting artists aren't relevant anymore, it is just nice to see a better balance. On days when we all would like to strangle our bosses we can refer to artists like Atmosphere as a source of sanity, but there are also those occasions (Michael [K]nights, shall we say?) when we feel Superbad, and for these Rugz is preferred. Be sure to listen to his latest, Save Bewler: The Memoirs Of Muhammad McFly, and peep his video for Superbad below.


Seen and heard @rugzdbewler

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Marsha Ambrosius "Sextape, Part 1" (Mixtape)


Marsha Ambrosius is on a fierce comeback, if case you have not already noticed. Physically fine-tuned with a feverish voice, she has released a four-song Sextape on which she is paired with the Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder (and this is only Part 1).

SIDENOTE: We are still pining over the thought of Ms. Ambrosius and Teedra Moses together at SOBs...


Seen and heard @soulbounce

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tyga "Well Done" (Mixtape)


Tick, tick, tick...taking bets now on how long it will be until Tyga takes the Curren$y route.


Seen and heard at DatPiff

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Turntable Science "Extended Techniques (Vol.1)" (Mixtape)


After recently revisiting Brainfreeze, we cannot get enough scratch. These guys are on par to be one of our favorites, for sure.


Seen and heard at

A-Trak "Dirty South Dance 2" (Mixtape)


All remixes by A-Trak. Artwork by Shepard Fairey.


Seen and heard at

Def Sound "Alive" (Mixtape)


We slept HARD on this one.

Its 2010, all I wanted people to know was I was Alive. So I made this in my first year of fully dedicating my life to art. I want you 2 feel as Alive and inspired as I do. Its an ITtape because its not really a mixtape its just IT for now. Whatever IT is 2 you. Its been 2 years since I dropped “Something.” literally… EVERYTHING has changed. I felt like writing my name on everything especially things I dont own. Like your ears. Just like a young graff artist with a bunch of new cans he cant wait 2 use. Just a reminder 4 people I am Alive. I thought about it the other day randomly and BIGGIE named his first album “Ready 2 Die” and I am naming my first tape “Alive”. Theres something significant about that without trying to be different. I just am. I didnt want to make something that was 2 contrived or boring. I wanted something 2 show the growth that had 2 happen before I put out the Sequel 2 “Something.” (“Anything.” Jan. or Feb. of 2011) there have been many transitions and choices (Art is just a publically displayed choice that exists independent of opinions and its creator). I wanna thank Maceo for the artwork, every feature, guest, muse, and The Port's for all the support on the project, and EVERYONE who already knows the deal I couldnt make this without ALL of you.I feel like a completely new person.

I am Alive.


Seen and heard at

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Atmosphere "The Best Day" (Video)

The Uptown Jesus hits us with some visuals from his To All My Friends EP.

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "VS (Redux)" (EP)


The original album was sick as is, but embellishing on the project a year later by remixing it and adding several features, including Jake One and Budo, to the mix? Incredible.


Seen and heard at 2dopeboyz

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beatnick Dee


Beatnick Dee hit us up a few weeks ago and after listening to some of his tracks, we have to say we are impressed. He has already worked with some truly talented MCs, and his best is yet to come. He has several projects in the works, most-notably his upcoming collaboration with Co$$.

Beatnick Dee is an independent Hip-Hop producer now residing between the South West and Southampton in the UK. Having been brought up in both California and the UK, he developed a diverse mix of musical influences, ranging from Soul, Funk and Reggae through to West Coast Hip-Hop, Prog, Psych Rock and Jazz. He utilizes these genres in his music, producing a multifarious sound. This versatile producer has large potential and so far he has worked with many noteworthy emcee's.

Currently working on his debut LP which will be released initially on the internet for free, the project will feature both UK & US emcee's. Some of these features will be Joe Scudda, Co$$, Shawn Jackson, Sene, Iron Braydz, Kyza, LeafDog, BVA and Klarity. With Beatnick Dee's knowledge and passion, he is set to spark an exciting future. Combining organic and synthesized elements in his music, he is determined to bring something original to the scene.

To hear some of his work, head to

Seen and heard @beatnickdee

Def Sound "Say Hello 2 Mr. Sound" (Video)

Def Sound sent this over yesterday. Admittedly, we're some suckers for inventive illustration blended with crafty sounds, but even if we weren't we cannot deny that this video is simply amazing!

Seen and heard @defsound

4-ize "Illuminated Animals" (Mixtape)


4-ize was hands-down the illest opening act at the Method Man and Redman concert at Masquerade in Atlanta. We can't wait to see what comes next...


Seen and heard at

11.05.2010: DJ Deliver presents Get Into It!


It's hump day, so you know you're already considering what to do to this weekend. If you're in the Atlanta area this coming Friday, DO NOT MISS THIS! DJ Deliver is one of the most knowledgeable heads we have ever met (not to mention just an all-around good dude).

Seen and heard @djdeliver

The Art of Eric Nine


For those who do not know, Eric Nine is one dope-ass dude. Out of all of the visual artists that we have had the opportunity to meet, he was the most open and willing to share out of any of them. He has created cover art for 4-ize and Don Cannon, amongst others, in addition to producing work for Laced Up and Vintage Limited. His most recent exhibition, I'm A Beast, featured several "beasts" of the culture, each photographed and manipulated in ways that only he could envision. His style stands out in a crowd of many, and we are pleased to highlight him on our blog. For more info, hit up

DJ See "All RZA-Produced Mix" (Mixtape)



Seen and heard @hypedog

Konkwest "Home Movies" (Mixtape)


Konkwest releases a mixtape of Madlib beats featuring Chuuwee, Task1ne, and Mad Flows.


Seen and heard @stonesthrow

"The Re-Education Of Lauryn Hill" (Mixtape)


Not sure who crafted this mix, but thankful to whoever did for providing us with some unfamiliar tracks from Ms. Hill.


Seen and heard at DatPiff

MED "Bang Ya Head III" (Mixtape)


Keep an eye out for MED's upcoming album, dropping on Stones Throw in 2011.


Seen and heard at Bloggerhouse

Daedalus x GasLamp Killer "Impulse" (Mixtape)



Seen and heard @deftune

Benzi x Diplo x Mansion On The Moon "Paradise Falls" (Mixtape)


While searching for another Benzi-produced project, we accidentally ran smack into the post for their Paradise Falls mixtape. Prior to, we had no idea that this was in the works, but happy to have come across it nonetheless. Although poppier than some of our other features, Benzi and Diplo apply Tricky-esque effects, creating a slightly more brooding tone. Be on the lookout for Mansions' debut album, which is set to drop in 2011.


Seen and heard at

Trackademics "The Remixtape, Vol. 3" (Mixtape)


This 17 song mix includes remixes from the likes of Zero 7, Chromeo, Jazmine Sullivan, Janelle Monae, Little Dragon and more, along with a couple original Track joints. Mixed by DJ Tap.10. Enjoy!


Seen and heard at 2dopeboyz

Alexander Spit "We On" (Video)

Yes, we are on! Especially after that World Series domination, which I know this man was feeling, no doubt. Be sure to scoop a copy of Until Next Summer, available at

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Bilal "Robots" (Video)

Our friends at Plug Research sent over this aptly-timed Bilal video prior to Election Day 2010. Although we considered posting this yesterday, after watching the early results of the polls from around the country, we decided it was more appropriate to post today. When are we going to move past all of the negative aspects of our history?

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Big K.R.I.T. "Before There Wuz Here" (Mixtape)


Big K.R.I.T. reminds us of Black Milk. Both build their own beats, only to turn around and blow on 'em as hard as possible. The end result is magnificent, highlighting the fact that the mono-a-mono method of the interchangeable beatmaker-lyricists presents a un-emulatable style. That does not take away from those artists who remain on one side of the booth or another. It is simply that when an artist knows exactly how he/she wants the track to feel and precisely what thoughts the track should exude, there is an unmistakable difference in its delivery.


Seen and heard at 2dopeboyz

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Number 2 & A1NE Productions "Da Paramedix - Does Anyone Know CPR?" (Mixtape)


While in Atlanta last week, we had an opportunity to meet 2 during the Method Man and Redman concert at Masquerade. A familiar face around ATL, he also hosts Championship Fridays every first Friday in Chicago at Murphy's alongside White Jesus. He was gracious enough to let us hear his music, in addition to just knowing what the hell he was talking about when it came to music, the politrixxx of the day, and whatever else came up in conversation. Be sure to hit him up at
for more info. Until then, enjoy his latest project, featuring 4-ize, Phillip Morris, and White Jesus.


Co$$ x Numonics "Revelations" (Mixtape)


Originally turned onto Co$$ via his work with Blu and Sene, amongst others, we were excited to learn that he is gearing up to release a few projects that are sure to turn a few heads. One is Revelations, in conjunction with Numonics, who we first heard on How Thoughtful, the mixtape by QuEst. The morbid yet jazzy beats by Numonics cradle Co$$' words, drawing the listener into what he really wants them to hear. Also featuring Sene, Wrekonize, Naledge, and Freddie Gibbs Revelations is an excellent project and a must-have for Left Coasters.


Seen and heard at 2dopeboyz