Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Max Tannone "Dub Kweli" (Mixtape)


Max Tannone replicates the success of Mos Dub with Dub Kweli, a collection of ten original tracks over dub reggae instrumentals.


Seen and heard at Dub Kweli


DOWNLOAD Double Check Your Head

Wrekonize "A Soiree For Skeptics" (Mixtape)


No skeptics here! As if he didn't already have enough credibility, within the last year Wrekonize backed Lil Wayne on his Rebirth album along with his band, ¡Mayday!, and now has dropped his own project, A Soiree For Skeptics. Dude is REAL busy, and this tape will more than tell you why. Enjoy!


Seen and heard at 2dopeboyz

Big Sean "Finally Famous v.3" (Mixtape)


Big Sean drops Finally Famous v.3, the next installment of the series by the same name. It's too bad that we missed him at Rock The Bells.


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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rock The Bells 2010

After relishing in the memories for at least three days after the fact, we have finally posted the photo highlights from our trip to Rock The Bells in LA. A pilgrimage of sorts, we had the pleasure of catching six of the greatest acts of all-time on one stage, the most rewarding of which was undoubtedly Lauryn Hill. Following a 13-year hiatus, Ms. Hill performed with the verve and vigor of Fugees-era Lauryn, and even graced the crowd with two gems from The Score, Fugee-La and Ready Or Not. Being there reminded us of all the reasons why we have been so obsessed with this music and this culture for so many years. Along the way, we were lucky enough to meet many, the most gracious of which were the RZA and Yung Dirty Bastard. We can't wait to see who will be tapped for next year's lineup, although this year's will be a tough act to follow.





















For the full-day recap, visit @cfunkcollective.

Verbs "Progress 2" (EP)


Impressed by The Buzz, the EP featuring Intuition, we were excited to hear Progress 2. After hearing his feature with Murs & 9th Wonder on Fornever, we assumed this this project had to be solid. It did not disappoint. Enjoy!


Seen and heard at Potholes In My Blog

Outasight "Never Say Never" (Album)


The latest from Outasight, Never Say Never, presented by LRG, who also presented his last project, Further.


Seen and heard at Outasight's Bandcamp

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Big Chop "Chopstumentals" (Mixtape)


We've been meaning to post this for a few days, but time has been hard to come by in the last week or two. Regardless, Big Chop's Chopstrumentals is here. Enjoy (fool)!


Seen and heard at Jets Fool Blog

Mac Miller "K.I.D.S." (Mixtape)


Next up from Rostrum Records is Mac Miller. We don't know much about the dude (aside from the hype of the last few weeks/months), but K.I.D.S. is a pretty dope tape. Enjoy!


Seen and heard at Urb

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wale "Number Won" (Video)

The official visuals for Number Won.

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

The Art of Gregos


V for Vendetta?? Nah, just the art of Gregos, a Parisian designer who has combined plaster and acrylic to create replicas of his face.

Seen and heard at NotCot

Jason James & Rodney Hazard "Marvelous World Of Color" (LP)


This project is quite simply amazing. It is difficult to imagine trying to compile all of the good and the bad of the last ten years into one cohesive (albeit lengthy) thought, yet that is exactly what Jason James and Rodney Hazard have accomplished with their Marvelous World Of Color LP. Brilliant in its delivery and thought-provoking in a very necessary sense, this LP will go above some heads. But if you aren't willing to give this tape a spin then you are cutting yourself short in more ways than one...


Seen and heard at Potholes In My Blog

Ice Mantis "Ice Mantis" EP


Sick-wit-it names and solid sounds. Enjoy!


Seen and heard at Potholes In My Blog

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

k-Os "The Anchorman" (Mixtape)


As if Wale's Seinfeld-influenced projects weren't enough, k-Os hits us with a themed tape of his own. Based on the Anchorman film made epic by Will Ferrell and all his curly-haired craziness, this tape is not only original in its own right, but also HILARIOUS! Having been longtime fans of k-Os (Exit is still a virtually unknown classic by so-called "heads"), this project is not surprising but definitely welcome. Enjoy!


Seen and heard at 2dopeboyz

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trademark Da Skydiver "Tenth Wonder" (Video)

The latest video installment from Super Villain #2.

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Janelle Monae "Cold War" (Video)

Remember where you heard it - this woman will be one of the greatest we have ever seen. As if we weren't impressed enough with her first suite, with Archandroid, with seeing her live and then by MEETING her, then she releases the visuals for Cold War. It is a kitchen sink of emotions, but visually so bare that it forces the listener to truly hear the lyrics. Impressive to say the least...

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Smoke DZA "George Kush The Button" (Mixtape)


Love the title. Love the cover art. Love the flow. Love DZA.


Seen and heard at DatPiff

Want more? Listen to The Headstash.

St. Paul Slim "Shut It Down" (Video)

St Paul Slim presents the first official video off his debut album Bald Headed Samsun. If you haven't heard him, educate yourself by listening to his mixtape with The Professor, Recession Proof.

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

DJ Quickie Mart "Ask Ya Mama An 'Nem" (Mixtape)


We cannot tell you how stoked we were to receive this inbox notification! As longtime fans of DJ Quickie Mart, this mix was not only a glimpse of home, but also a reminder of what really matters (fuck oil spills and politrixxx). A finely crafted collection of lates, greats, and current tastes this tape is sure to please. Enjoy!


Seen and heard at DJ Quickie Mart's Website

Ski Beatz feat. Curren$y & Smoke DZA "Nothing But Us" (Video)

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Nickelus F "Commercials" (Mixtape)


Nickelus F presents Commercials, mixed by DJ Booth.


Seen and heard at 2dopeboyz

Wale "More About Nothing" (Mixtape)


Wale returns with More About Nothing, part three in his continuing series of mixtapes (we love the inspiration behind these joints).


Seen and heard at 2dopeboyz

Ice Cube "Drink The Kool-Aid" (Video)

Ice Cube returns with Drink The Kool-Aid, the lead video off of the upcoming I Am The West (really? which part??), in stores September 28th.

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel