Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Skeme "Pistols & Palm Trees" (Mixtape)



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Freeway "Escalators" (Video)

Freeway and Jake One are hands down one of the best paired (albeit unexpected) duo we've seen in a long time. Their styles blend together seamlessly. We can't wait for their next full-length project.

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Janelle Renee "Paralyzed" (mp3)


Janelle teams up with the 2 Hungry Bros to reprise 90's r&b in her introduction to the world. Paralyzed features a familiar Bob Marley interpolation delivered by hard-hitting, Chaka-esque vocals over a punchy, feel-good, throw-back beat - packaged and polished by mixologist extraordinaire, DJ Sosa.

We have to admit, the song is nice, but it is what she is concerned with away from music that truly caught our attention. Apparently she has partnered with College For Every Student, which provide aid to students to assist them in attaining a college education. These are the types of artists we need to see more of. Regardless of lyrical content, give back. None of us have made it this far on our own.

Word to P.So.

Listen to Paralyzed

Learn more about College For Every Student below:

DJ Rahdu "The Roots Did It" (Mixtape)


We were introduced to DJ Rahdu while combing Bama Love Soul for a copy of the Paper Route Gangstaz' Fear & Loathing In Montgomery. Although his catalog may not be as extensive as some other DJs, we appreciate the fact that he chooses wisely from a short list of key artists, most of whom have been silent (yet critical) contributors to the culture. Total Wreck: Encyclopedia of Bahamadia is STILL on our playlist, if that is any indication of his talent (not that we ever get tired of listening to Bahamadia anyway). The Roots Did It is no different - it is a comprehensive mix of Roots-produced joints and it goes! Enjoy!


Seen and heard at EastofLA

STS "In For The Kill" (Video)

The STS version of the La Roux-sampled track is our personal favorite.

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Flying Lotus "Kill Your Co-Workers" (Video)

Fly Lo's work is incredible, to say the least. But when matched with visuals as apporpriate as these, it takes that same work to a whole 'nother level. Directed by Feeble.

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eLZhi "Undefeated Freestyle" (Video)

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Sunday, October 17, 2010



Wiz Khalifa "Half Baked" (Mixtape)



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Lil Wayne "The Release" (Mixtape)

lil wayne_therelease


Seen and heard at DatPiff

Cyhi Da Prynce "Royal Flush" (Mixtape)

We have overlooked him so many times before, but dude blew us away with his BET Awards cypher...


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Lyrics Born "Lies x3" (Video)

Just when you think Lyrics Born cannot get any smoother, he comes along the video for Lies x3, the first video from his upcoming album, As U Were, dropping October 26th.

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DJ Ames & DJ Figa "J Lounge Underground" (Mixtape)


Figa's Black Star remix of Written In The Stars was worth the DL by itself. Enjoy!


Seen and heard @xzumax

Curren$y feat. Fiend "Flying Iron" (Video)

We first heard this Menahan Band track back on Make The Road By Walking with Frank Ramz and Medusa, and we have not gotten tired of it yet. There is something so whimsical about its style and sound that it repeatedly draws one back in. Especially on a rainy Bay day like today...

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Behind the music...

Although there are only a select few (Curren$y, for one) who have directly solicited the opinions of their most supportive fans by throwing listening parties prior to an album's release. After attending Zion I's listening party for their upcoming album Atomic Clock, it is obvious that this is the best route to really reach the heart of the fanbase. Held at The New Parish in Oakland, the party also featured appearances by Bang Data and Teeko (who just may have the fastest fingers in the West). Not to mention, after having met with each of the artists, we can honestly say that you would not meet a more humble and gracious group of guys. Be sure to scoop Atomic Clock, dropping November 9th.


















Jan Dulay

In this video Jan Dulay covers Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. See this video and more (including songs she penned herself) on YouTube and Facebook.

Seen and heard at The Batman and Cautionman YouTube Channel
and at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Foreign Exchange "Thank You For Listening" (Documentary)

In most cases, listenening to an artist explain their work and the motivations that spawned it are immeasurable, and in the case of this duo that absolutely holds true. Nicolay and Phonte sit down in a three-part documentary detailing their journey from Connected to Leave It All Behind to Authenticity.

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Reflection Eternal "Long Hot Summer" (Video)

The latest visuals from Revolutions Per Minute (and personally one of our favorite cuts off the album).

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Man Mantis "The Best of Man Mantis" (Mixtape)


Back in August we featured the Ice Mantis EP
by the duo of the same name, consisting of Man Mantis and DLO The Ice Man. Laugh all you want to at the names, but this dude (and DLO) are nice on the beats. This tape is just what is states, and even features some of the same players that can be heard on the the Ice Mantis EP. Word to World Around.


Seen and heard @PotholesInBlog

Mayer Hawthorne's First Mixtape



Seen and heard @StonesThrow

Curren$y "Audio Dope 2" (Video)

We track trafficking...

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Banksy In London (October 11, 2010)


Let's face it, Banksy is just as much an inspiration to our work as Bosch or Basquiat. We will always post his work, no matter who thinks he sold out (food for thought: so is every other musician, artist, actor, or other type of celebrity that has ever worked with the Simpsons a sellout too? Get a grip, people.)

Seen and heard @Juxtapoz_Mag

Damu On Drums (Video)

Potholes featured this video earlier in the week, and being fans of Damu, we naturally checked it out. The ten minute clip features Damu swapping places, from behind the boards to behind the drums, and it seems to show a different side of his as an artist (but no less dope).

Seen and heard at Potholes In My Blog
and at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

The Art of Faith47


One of many graffiti artists that we had the chance to see and speak with during B-Girl Be in Minneapolis a few years back, Faith47 makes undeniable protest art. Illustrating images vivid enough to make you stop, stare, and feel like you're there, she pulls you into the struggle amongst the color. She described the inspiration behind her latest mural, Backyarders, to Juxtapoz Magazine in this way:

“Backyarders - families who live in backyards because there is no space or housing available or provided by the state; they took over an empty piece of land in protest of the lack of housing.”

“The space in which I painted this wall is where all the protesters gather in the city before they march to parliament, so I felt it was a fitting and powerful place to position this woman and her child.”

To view more of her work, visit juxtapoz.com
or faith47.com.

Seen and heard @juxtapoz_mag

Turf Fienz (Video)

Gotta love Cali...

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Wiz Khalifa "Black & Yellow" (Video)

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10: Zion I Listening Party @ The New Parish (Oakland, CA)


On Sunday October 10th, legendary hip-hop duo Zion I will be hosting an invite only listening party for their highly anticipated forthcoming album, Atomic Clock, at the New Parish in their hometown of Oakland, CA. Those attending will get to hear Atomic Clock a month before it is released, and watch Zion I perform a short set of classic hits as well as new songs from Atomic Clock being performed for the first time. Special guests include J-Boogie, as well as Deuce Eclipse and Caipo (Bang Data).

More to come...

NEW! Clusterfunk Collective™


One of three new ads introducing Bamboozled, the latest design from Clusterfunk Collective™. Coming soon to clusterfunkcollective.com.


If you don't get it, go ask ya Momma.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Alexander Spit "Hella" (Video)

The official video for Hella, from his mixtape Until Next Summer.

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Nas & Wu-Tang Demo Tapes





Seen and heard @hypedog

Bilal "Restart" (Video)

The first official visuals from Airtight's Revenge, in stores now.

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Psalm One "Woman At Work" (Video)

Psalm One is back with an anthem for the ladies! She has been a semi-silent force to reckon with since Death Of A Frequent Flyer dropped on Rhymesayers in 2006. This video is the first release from her soon-to-be-released sophomore album, Woman At Work.

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Exile-Inspired Boombox Watch & Mixtape


In conjunction with Flud Watches, Exile has released a mixtape of reworked tracks from his two albums, Radio and AM/FM. Enjoy!


Seen and heard @urbmag

Kofie One "Retrofitted & Other Forms Of Vintage Futurism" (Mixtape)


In preparation for his upcoming gallery stint at White Walls, Kofie One has put together an accompanying mixtape entitled Retrofitted & Other Forms Of Vintage Futurism Soundtrack Mix/ Summer 2010. Comprised of some of the musical inspirations behind Kofie One's work, including but not limited to some of his own instrumentation. Enjoy!


Seen and heard @Juxtapoz_Mag