Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Juxtapoz presents Ron English (In-Studio) [Video]

Soulection Radio Show #149: House Shoes [Mix]

Show #149 w/ House Shoes by Soulection Radio on Mixcloud

DJ Tap.10: Tender Knock [Mix]

 photo tenderknock_zps399ffb3a.png

DOWNLOAD Tender Knock

Oddisee: Own Appeal [Video]

Alexander Spit: The Room [Video]

Koncept & Numonics: Live On [EP]

 photo Koncept_LiveOnEP_cover_zpsa67a40f9.jpg



 photo pos_rmx_zps466e3392.jpg

The Grouch & Eligh f. Pigeon John: Run [Video]

Aloe Blacc: Wake Me Up [Video]

J Boogie & DJ Chicken George: Jazztronic Boogie 3

 photo jazztronic3_zps7b52b1d0.png

DOWNLOAD Jazztronic 3

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Clusterfunk Collective presents Take Five: DJ Nu-Mark [Interview]

 photo takefive003_djnumark_500_zps01d96407.png

Third times a charm, right? We think so. For our third installment, we caught up with Uncle Nu to talk about touring with J5, X-Ray technologists, and his plan for what's next.

"Take Five" to tap into the talent beyond the surface.

1. You recently performed with Mark De Clive Lowe and Money Mark (Beastie Boys). Any plans for the three of you to produce an entire album?

That would be pretty dope...I wish. That gig was put together by Canyon Cody and Gazoo here in L.A. I enjoyed the concept and so did the other Mark's. We all really want this to be a tour actually. But...yeah and album would be really interesting with those two giants! Great idea!

2. What was it like working alongside Lonely Island?

Ha, yeah those guys work through songs quicker than any MC I've worked with. They really know how to weed out any mediocre ideas and get to the point of what's really entertaining about a song topic. I always leave with a sore stomach from laughing so hard when I record with them. Really funny and talented guys. It's like recording club med, it's the best vacation from Hip Hop ever.

3. What was the concept behind the cover art for "Broken Sunlight"?

Basically the album content, cover and marketing plan all point to the same thing (break ups, broken professional relationships and forging ahead through trying times. During the creation of this album my group J5 had disbanded, my long term personal relationship came to an end, the record industry had shattered into millions of pieces so I decided to create an album that shed's light on some of the things I was experiencing. The album cover shows me floating in the air inside a hollow house while the things I love fly out the window....my head is down but I'm still in the sky. This was how I was felt. Broken Sunlight was split up into a six 10" colored vinyl series as well. I decided to break up my entire album into these 10" singles to further the concept of Broken Sunlight. I guess in short, things around me were broken but I wanted to represent the Sunlight shining and moving ahead without looking back!

4. On Crate-Diggers, you mentioned a rooftop find in New Orleans. What was your greatest grab from that particular dig?

Probably "We're Doing It (Thang)" by Eddie Bo and the Soul Finders. That dig was really special because it proved that no matter how strange the day might seem, there's always a possibility of finding records I've never seen in person.

5. If you were not a DJ what would you be?

Actually I was studying to be a Radiologic Technologist (X-Ray Tech) when Jurassic 5 first formed. I dropped out about 4 months before graduation and haven't stopped touring since then (1997). Don't think I'd go back to that career. I truly believe that I'm here for the purpose of music. Couldn't imagine another career. If push came to shove, I'd probably delve into the Real estate game. I try not to think about that though because I'm having the time of my life creating beats for sound tracks, DJ'ing with the Kids Toys http://youtu.be/Bb4etMWgEyU and reuniting with Jurassic 5!

Catch me at www.unclenu.com

I co-scored two movies with Chris Lennertz recently:

1. "Battle Of The Year" feat. Chris Brown http://youtu.be/mzkZL-3A4ac

2. "Ride Along" feat. Ice Cube and Kevin Hart (coming out in January). http://youtu.be/CNnVQuw4dRM

Saturday, October 26, 2013



Weekly roundup of remixes, rarities, flips and edits - compiled by Clusterfunk Collective.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

House Shoes presents The King James Version: Chapter One (Verses One-Four) [Mix]

 photo houseshoes_kingjames_zps06dbe663.jpg

DOWNLOAD The King James Version: Chapter One (Verses One-Four)

Elvis Costello & ?uestlove In Conversation (Parts 1 & 2) [Video]

Laid Back presents Mark de Clive-Lowe: All Around The World [Mix]

Mark de Clive-Lowe - All Around the World by Laid Back on Mixcloud

P.O.S.: Lockpicks, Knives, Bricks and Bats (WDELH/MDS/RMX) [Video]

Mac Miller: Youforia [Video]

Insightful: Elsewhere [Album]

 photo 2e4b2cda-eb9b-42fe-a8ba-765726e38ff0_zpsdf649306.jpg

Bay Area beatsmith Insightful blesses our ears with his blisteringly beautiful album, augmented with alluring audio backdrops, some of which feature voracious vocals from Kimberly Lola and Jessica Cooke. Check for standouts Stepping Over Hearts and She Swoons.

DOWNLOAD Elsewhere

Colorlines presents Jay Smooth: When Autumn Comes Around [Mix]

When Autumn Comes Around by Colorlines on Mixcloud

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dead Prez @ Life Is Living Festival 2013 [Video]

Dead Prez headlined this year's Life Is Living Festival, held annually at Defremery Park in West Oakland, against a backdrop of the Estria Graffiti Battle where one winner took home 400 cans of Montana Spray Paint.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Clusterfunk Collective presents Take Five: Slangston Hughes [Interview]

For the second installment in our series of sit-downs, we speak with the Connoisseur of Fine Rhyme, Slangston Hughes, about his monthly showcase, which snoball flavors reign supreme and his plan for what's next.

"Take Five" to tap into the talent beyond the surface.

1.) You are a man of many monikers (Slangston Hughes and Pookie Malibu, to name two) - how did they come to be?

The monikers are just various pieces of my personality and are also reflective of my Wu-Tang influence. Similarly, much in the same vein GFK was Ghostface, Ghost, Tony Starks, Iron Man, etc. so am I Slangston Hughes, Pookey Malibu, Hip-Hop's Bob Breck, The Black Ari Gold, etc.

2.) Speak a little bit about Uniquity. Who would you like to see on the bill in the future?

Uniquity is a four plus year monthly event that I host and create from top to bottom. It provides a performance platform for Hip-Hop, Spoken Word and R&B artists (both within New Orleans and regional/national acts) to push their musicality further by playing with a four piece band, Fo On the Flo. I'd love to see Allie Baby, Joe Scudda, Kourtney Heart, Sunni Patterson in the near future. Those are a couple of my favorite artists right now that I think would excel with a band backing them.

3.) What do you perceive as the primary challenge(s) to artist growth in New Orleans today?

The main and most pertinent challenge to a New Orleans artist's growth is themselves. We ARE our biggest obstacles in my opinion. Our self doubt, egos, loose thumbs on social media networks, external influences - or lack thereof - among other pitfalls are the only things that can hold us back. As corny as it sounds, the confidence that you have not only for yourself but more importantly for your music has to flow from within and then outward to the listeners.

4.) Can we expect more from you and L'Daialogue? Have you considered producing a joint project with anyone else?

Definitely! L'Dai and I talk weekly and have been writing/recording for two new Dollar$ & Daialogue projects for the past several weeks now. Though we come from two different musical backgrounds, we obviously have a lot in common and that shows in our music. I've certainly considered it and have a couple of producers that I enjoy working with that I look forward to doing some collaborative projects with down the line. My recent release "Fall Back (Sundog Remix)" just might be an indication of some things at work in the near future: http://soundcloud.com/pookey-malibu/slangston-hughes-fall-back

5.) What are the top three sno-ball flavors that you would recommend to someone who has never had one?

My top three snoball flavors depend entirely upon the snoball stand or shop since I have specific flavors or flavor combos tied to those stands. Off the top of my head, I'd go with Pineapple and Ginger from Hansen's, Bananas Foster Cream with condensed milk from Plum Street Snoballs and Blueberry and Cake Batter Cream from Magazine Street Snoballs.

Saturday, October 19, 2013



Weekly roundup of remixes, rarities, flips and edits - compiled by Clusterfunk Collective.


Ryan Lee & Yuri Jones: For Love [Single]

 photo ryanlee_yurijones_forlove_zps3391dbd1.jpg

Jones joins a special selection of artists for tonight's Coughee House showcase at Blackstar Cafe and our homie RQ Away holds down the handles. Yuri and Ryan Lee are due to drop Oxytocin this December.


 photo photo_zps2e14e1a4.jpg

Friday, October 18, 2013

Flowback Fridays: Taboo Stuff [Video]


Santana: Taboo

P.O.S.: Fuck Your Stuff

Collective Resonance: The Gorillaz Project [EP]

 photo cres_gorillaz_zps2693802a.png

DOWNLOAD The Gorillaz Project

0017th: Wrappin' [Mixtape]

 photo wrappin_zps35b53f89.jpg

Phips pulls together a whole host of Hollygrove hitmakers for the newest installment from 0017th, Wrappin'.


Chuck Inglish, Mac Miller & Ab-Soul: Came Thru / Easily [Video]

Wax f. Anderson.Paak: Feels Good [Video]

Bowls: The Token Jazz Hour [Mix]

 photo tokenjazzhour_zps4c771f39.png

DOWNLOAD The Token Jazz Hour

Jazzcat: Colemine Records Special [Mix]

Colemine Records special by Jazzcat on Mixcloud

Black Joe Lewis On 89.3 The Current [Video]

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DJ Chicken George: Funky Sole 45s [Mix]

DJ Chicken George - Funky Sole 45s Mix by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

Chairman Mao: Across 135th Street: Impulse Records Special [Mix]

 photo chairmanmao_impulserecords_zps4a446994.png

From Chairman Mao:

The latest episode of my Red Bull Music Academy Radio show, 'Across 135th Street,' presents an autumnal soundtrack for all y’alls consisting of a few of my favorites from the Impulse Records catalog. Most of these date from the iconic jazz label’s mid-’60s heyday, though I couldn’t help but include a couple of tracks released in the ’70s as well. And yes, I realize that I could have done many more more hours of all-Impulse everything and not even delved that deep into the catalog’s many great moments. All the more reason to do future installments. Listen and read more about the show below. And as per usual, in lieu of a regular playlist I’ve posted corresponding album cover art in the image gallery above for you to peruse while you listen. Enjoy!

Janelle Monáe: PrimeTime [Video]

Joey Bada$$: Hilary $wank [Video]

Freddie Joachim: Olive Juice (Love Remixes, Volume 2) [EP]

 photo olivejuice2_zps351fae31.png

DOWNLOAD Olive Juice (Love Remixes, Volume 2)

Beat Gates: Somethings [EP]

 photo beatgates_somethingsEP_zps83881733.png

DOWNLOAD Somethings

Friday, October 11, 2013

Flowback Fridays: You Make Me Get Off Of The Facebook [Video]


Amerigo Gazaway: I Can't Get Off Of The Facebook

Leo Sayer: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

Sign Painters (Official Trailer) [Video]

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings: Retreat [Video]

Kayo: The Revolution Was Not Televised (Tribute To GSH) [Album]

 photo kayo_gsh_zpsb482d6ba.png

DOWNLOAD The Revolution Was Not Televised (Tribute To GSH)

Lo Fidel: Outtapes [Beat Tape]

 photo lofidel_outtapes_zpsed6d1bc5.png


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Life + Times presents Decoded: Pusha T (Nosetalgia f. Kendrick Lamar) [Video]

The White Mandingos: What You Waitin' On? [Video]

Eminem: Survival [Video]

Slum Village: Let It Go / Greatness [Video]

Potholes In My Blog: Lift Off [Album]

 photo lift_off1_zps8c742a04.png

Potholes premiers their newest space-inspired compilation, a collection of "that knocks just as much as it drifts into the galaxy to create Lift Off." Difficult to determine a standout (Equalibrium, Jay Cue, Man Mantis and AbJo all contribute cold cuts), but our personal favorite was the closer, Three Jewels, from Datahowler. The newness of the sound feels like Fall.


Lil Dave & Personify: Gotcha Covered [Mix]

 photo gotchacovered_zps65318499.png

You may remember Personify from Little Big Things, a 7-inch collection cut alongside FROZ1 and Case Bloom (also a 2012 Top Drop). He and Lil Dave Gotcha Covered with a set of singles sung by someone else "spanning Funk, Soul, Jazz, Afrobeat, Latin, Bossa Nova, Boogaloo, Reggae, Steel-Drum Band, Brass Band, R&B and Hip-Hop, to name a few."

DOWNLOAD Gotcha Covered

InSein Radio: The Flea Market Top 100 [Mix]

InSein Radio - The Flea Market Top 100 by Insein on Mixcloud

Flea Market Funk presents Beat Drops: An All Vinyl Jaunt [Mix]

Beat Drops: An All Vinyl Jaunt by Flea Market Funk on Mixcloud

Saturday, October 5, 2013



Weekly roundup of remixes, rarities, flips and edits - compiled by Clusterfunk Collective.


Friday, October 4, 2013

Flowback Fridays: The People Gone Mad [Video]


Handsome Boy Modeling School f. Del Tha Funky Homosapien: The World's Gone Mad

The Whatnauts: Why Can't People Be Colors Too?

Stik Figa & L'Orange: Smoke Rings [Video]

Brooklyn Radio presents The Stick Up: 100% Pete Rock [Mix]

The Stick Up - 100% Pete Rock by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

Ka: Jungle [Video]

Fiend: Keep Ya Cool [Mixtape]

 photo fiend_kyc_zps49a1d843.png


Mac Miller: The Star Room [Video]

Amin Payne: George Benson Tribute [Beat Tape]

 photo aminpayne_zpsc1cb45fc.png

DOWNLOAD George Benson Tribute

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Marco Polo f. Organized Konfusion: 3-O-Clock [Video]

Castle: Orientation [Single]

 photo castle_orientation_zps0afb6b1b.png

DOWNLOAD Orientation

Low Post Music: Twenty Duckettes (Compilation) [Beat Tape]

 photo twentyduckettes_zps23ae1f54.png

DOWNLOAD Twenty Duckettes

Thundercat: Bowzer's Ballad (Dedicated To Legendary Nintendo Boss Hiroshi Yamauchi, R.I.P) [Single]

 photo nintendo_zps12ee7da1.jpg

DOWNLOAD Bowzer's Ballad

Keor Meteor: Videomatic [Album]

 photo videomatic_zps0d5ce3a9.png

DOWNLOAD Videomatic

Fuse presents Crate Diggers: Gaslamp Killer [Video]

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life + Times presents Decoded: DJ Quik (Justify My Thug) [Video]

Fletch: Public Transportation [Album]

 photo fletch_zpsb28ba747.png

Fletch reminds us of Evolve One in the way that he selects a subject, then crafts an entire soundscape around it laced with comedic cuts on the topic.

DOWNLOAD Public Transportation

Bilal f. Robert Glasper: Butterfly [Video]

TH!NK: UNCON003: Headspace [Album]

 photo think_zpsf20e2bd3.png

DOWNLOAD UNCON003: Headspace

RJD2: Her Majesty's Social Request [Video]

DJ Platurn: For The Love Of The DJ [Single]

 photo djplaturn_fortheloveofthedj_zps06b3a2bd.png

DOWNLOAD For The Love Of the DJ