Monday, May 31, 2010

The Cool Kids "Tacklebox" (Mixtape)


Happy Memorial Day from the Cool Kids (project presented by the LA Leakers)!


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Lil Wayne feat. Nicki Minaj "Knockout" (Video)

The fourth video installment from MTV's Lil Tunechi Weekend.

Lil Wayne "Get A Life" (Video)

The third video installment from MTV's Lil Tunechi Weekend.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Max Tannone "Double Check Your Head" (Mixtape)


We initially heard the work of Max Tannone on his first installment of the Jaydiohead series. Since then he has released a several short, but very well-thought out tapes that clearly show his grwoth as an artist. Mos Dub, in particular, is a masterpiece in its own right. Then we stumbled upon this...


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Jaydiohead "Ignorant Swan Medley" (Video)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Art of Justin Guse


The art of Justin Guse takes the concept of graffiti to an entirely new level. It is one thing to paint 3D effects, but creating a 3D environment is something altogether different, and more important, refreshing. Below is the description of some of his work, directly from the man himself:

Urban sprawl, also known as suburban sprawl, is a multifaceted concept, which includes the spreading outwards of a city and its suburbs. In these pieces I hope to document the energy of raw graffiti like 3D structures tearing apart visual space and reclaiming urban environments. Both graffiti and native artwork influence my daily art-flow and these pieces speak from my heart as a reminder of indigenous culture. The spaces I chose often hold a strong history, Energy or otherwise underlying beauty that can sometimes get masked by daily city life. This passion for reclaiming public space emerges out of a passion for street art and I continue to look towards graffiti and native art as two of my main sources of inspiration.

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Dessa "Alibi" (Video)

We caught Dessa Darling of Doomtree fame at B-Girl Be a few years ago. She is an excellent artist, whether live or recorded.

The Paint Your Faith Project

We have seen three of the four artists mentioned paint live, and they each have amazing talent (particularly Faith47). The group has come together to present the Paint Your Faith Project in Vancouver. For seven days, these artists took a blank wall and turned it into their own personal canvas, creating a piece of art that will changed the Vancouver landscape and open discourse for what faith, spirituality and art is really about.

The area that these artists are painting is known for high crime, drug use, mental illness, but also is home to a wide array of artists. “People are just people,” sums up Indigo “and they need color therapy.” The accompanying video explains it all.


Humid Beings presents Geauxjira, a satire of grand proportion that sheds light on the truth of the matter regarding the Gulf Oil Spill. Below is the message that accompanied the video, direct from the website:

Geauxjira is a brief homage to some famous scenes in Ishiro Honda’s movie Gojira (1954), better known in English as Godzilla. Whereas Godzilla was created from nuclear explosions, Geauxjira is a giant crawfish spawned by leaking crude oil. On April 21st, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded off the coast of Louisiana. Eleven people perished in the explosion. As we made our movie, thousands of barrels of oil leaked every day on the Gulf of Mexico’s floor, causing the biggest environmental disaster in our lifetime. Moreover, we’re terrified about the ramifications the oil will have on our economy and lives. In making a parody there is a danger of giving the impression that we find this calamity to be funny. In fact, the opposite is true. We’re angry and frightened about the uncertain impact of this disaster. If you’re interested, we’d invite you to do two simple things: first donate to the Friends of the Laffitte Corridor ( ), a non-profit organization designed to convert a rail line in the heart of New Orleans into a bike path. Second, try to reduce your oil consumption.

We will continue to highlight ways in which you can help locals again do what they did five years ago - save themselves. Stay tuned...

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Master Blazter "Blast Off" (Mixed By DJ Kutmah)


Computer Jay and J1 join forces to become Master Blazter. All known for their solo performances, the three come together to create some of the funkiest boogie music to ever hit my ears.


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Marky "Journey To Markyland, USA: Rest Stop 2" (EP)


As a precursor the this project, Marky released several videos that caught our attention. Although familiar with his earlier work with Mick Boogie and also from his Homework series, there is something about his most recent work that differentiates it from the rest of his catalog. You be the judge...


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Banksy in New York


We were lucky enough to catch at least one Banksy piece while he was in San Francisco. Although not posted, there was another piece spotted shortly thereafter in Chicago. Now it seems our friend has made it to New York. In each city, there are obvious references to doctors, which is interesting. Can't wait to see what comes next...

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The Pantone Hotel


The Pantone Hotel, located in the city of Brussels, showcases the color of emotion with a distinctive hue on each colorous guest floor. From vivid to subdued, for business or leisure, the hotel suits your savvy palette and colorful imagination.

From a design perspective, the hotel is built on an exceptional use of contrast; a white canvas provides clean space for saturated colors to pop. Guest rooms feature unique photography by esteemed Belgian photographer Victor Levy.

Welcome to the center of the color universe.

Anyone who has any knowledge of art and design can understand how amazing this is...

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Mos Def at Gulf Aid

The fact that Mos even knew this joint was dope. His rendition? Classic.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Photography of Denis Smith


Australian photographer Denis Smith has pushed the boundaries of light graffiti, producing something mysterious, mythical and alluring.

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Bill Maher 05.14.2010

Political pundit and comedian Bill Maher claimed last night that Steve Jobs would do a better job of running America than the Obama administration.

The comments, inspired by Obama’s recent claims that he doesn’t know how to work an iPod, point to Maher’s frustration with the conflation of backwardness and likability — shunning new-fangled gizmos is seen as endearing in America, he explains.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jay Electronica on RZA

The Collective was born-n-bred in NOLA, now residing in the Bay Area. So it's easy to sympathize with what Jay Elect is getting at. All we're saying is keep on, keep hatin on the South if you want to, but just remember "if we too simple, then y'all don't get the basics."

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Monday, May 10, 2010

DJ Rhettmatic "The Boom Bap Collection 2.0" (Mixtape)


As long-time fans of the Beat Junkies, we couldn't pass this post up. DJ Rhettmatic has worked with some of the best underground acts from the Left Coast, but his production doesn't receive as much shine as his scratching. Regardless, this mix is def worth a look...


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Kickdrums "Love Is A Drug" (Video)

Presenting the world premiere video for the Kickdrums' "Love Is A Drug."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Diego Bernal "Besides" (Instrumental Mixtape)


Diego Bernal is SORELY underrated. His last installment, For Corners, was spectacular in its own right, but his latest, Besides, sounds ripe for summer days and nights.


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Asher Roth "Grinds Toni Braxton"

We had to post this just for the sheer coincidence of it. Ash Roth "grinds Toni Braxton"? "Balls of a matador" is right!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wildlife's Katrina

We keep hearing people say that this is "Obama's Katrina" or that this is "Bobby Jindal's Katrina", but in all reality this is the Wildlife's Katrina.


The state bird of Louisiana, the brown pelican, was just removed from the endangered species list last year, and depending on how it fares, could come to symbolize the affects of the damage done by the oil spill. Their nesting season, which has just begun, lies in the direct path of the spill.


A dead fish is seen washed up on the beach in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.


A crate of crabs are dumped back into the water in Delacroix, Louisiana. Many fisherman don't want to take chances selling possibly contaminated crabs, so they are pulling their traps and releasing the crabs back into the waters.


A dolphin swims through the polluted waters of Drum Bay, Louisiana. There are as many as 5,000 dolphins in the Gulf area between the Mississippi and Louisiana coasts and the oil rig, many of which are in their reproductive season.


Members of Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research and the International Bird Research Center hydrate a Northern Gannet bird, which was covered in oil.


A heron sits by an alligator in the fragile wetlands by the Mississippi River. Many animals, such as the alligator and heron, are currently reproducing, which could bring young animals in contact with the oil, and force their parents to dive into oily waters looking for food.


The spill will prove toxic to the oysters, which will in turn affect the many oyster farms along the coast. Five zones of oysters as well as commercial and recreational fishing east of the Mississippi River have been closed.


A dead sea turtle lies on the beach in Pass Christian, Mississippi. At least 20 sea turtles were found dead last weekend along a 30-mile stretch of Mississippi beaches from Biloxi to Bay St. Louis. Researchers collected the turtles to determine the cause of death.


Louisiana shrimp season was opened early Thursday to let fisherman salvage what they could of the catch, which is right in the line of fire.


A star fish washes ashore on the Chandeleur Islands, home of the Breton National Wildlife Refuge, off the coast of southeastern Louisiana.


A least tern checks her two eggs on the beach in Gulfport, Mississippi. Environmentalists are concerned that the oil slick will destroy this generation of the bird that nests along the Gulf coast beaches during its migratory journey.

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