Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DJ Jazzy Jeff: Way Too Many [Video]

J-Live: Money Matters [Video]

Evolve One: Dear Seattle [Album]

Aptly named, Evolve One has done just that - engaging our ears with progressive projects (each more pleasing than the prior) for the last three years and Dear Seattle officially ups the tally to four.

DOWNLOAD Dear Seattle

Jansport J: Shoulders [Video]

Gergaz Netlabel: Beat Garden 3 Compilation [Album]

Slovakian sound team Gergaz Netlabel continue their Beat Garden Compilation series - bringing along mainstays Oddlogic, Je$us, Melodiesinfonie and many more for their third collection of cuts.

DOWNLOAD Beat Garden Compilation 3

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DJ Chicken George: Bucc Classics Mix (Stockholm) [Mix]

DOWNLOAD Bucc Classics Mix (Stockholm)

Record Breakin' presents Sound Traveler Series #1: DJ Skeme Richards [Mix]

From DJ Skeme Richards:

For this first installment of Sound Traveler, which is sure to be a long running series for Record Breakin’ Music, I decided to focus specifically on tunes that were given to me directly by artists and independent labels during my travels across the globe. Of course each selection comes directly from a vinyl source, after all Record Breakin’ is a label that understands the importance of pressing physical media so we wouldn’t do it any other way? In addition to those aforementioned I also decided to throw in a few cuts from some of my favorite albums that I have collected throughout the years. Genres include everything from Hip Hop to Jazz with a few Electronic touches and Radio Spots in between. And since everything was done with vinyl, it was also done in real time, no edits or corrections to flaws which give it an even more sense of authenticity.

Hopefully you will enjoy this mix as much as I enjoyed making it and it’s an honor to be featured in this brand new series known as Sound Traveler.

DOWNLOAD Sound Traveler Series #1: DJ Skeme Richards

Hall & Oates: I Can't Go For That (Platurn's Strip Tease Edit) [Single]

The H is O as Platurn peels apart the layers of I Can't Go For That and puts them back together in an edit that's "twice as nice."

Thursday, January 23, 2014

VINK: The Wayside [Single]

As VINK puts the finishing touches on his debut LP, he lets loose of a Lady In My Life-infused single that's as smooth as silk.

DOWNLOAD The Wayside

Damon Albarn: Everyday Robots [Video]

Catching Flies: Long Journey [Mix]

Catching Flies is the latest to join the long list of artists that have contributed to the Oki-Ni Mix Series. Past participants include Simian Mobile Disco, Max Tannone, TOKiMONSTA, Dam-Funk, Greg Wilson and many more.

DOWNLOAD Long Journey

Cities Aviv: Don't Ever Look Back [Video]

Esta: Boomin' [Single]

The Soulection syndicate has set the standard for what will ultimately be their success in the New Year - cranking out quality mixes with an obsessive compulsion not common in new crops of artists. They are careful and clever, yet at the same time adventurous with their creativity, and now they are hitting the road. Esta endeavors out early on a 10-city tour starting in Frisco on February 7th, and to celebrate he has released a Boomin' single for the low price of free.

For full details, visit


Saturday, January 18, 2014



Weekly roundup of remixes, rarities, flips and edits - compiled by Clusterfunk Collective.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings On KCRW [Video]

RJD2: Descended From Myth [Video]

Blu: Soul Amazing (Part One) [Album]

Blu goes into beast mode - putting together a plethora of singles into Part One of what he dubs the (official) "soul amazing" mixtape collection, which includes features alongside Evidence, Exile, Phonte and more.

DOWNLOAD Soul Amazing (Part One)

Quelle Chris: Ghost At The Finish Line [Video]

Zion I: The Masters of Ceremony [EP]

From Zumbi:

The Masters of Ceremony is the first EP in a series created to fortify the cultural aspects of Hip Hop. We took it back to ground zero in creating these songs. The sole purpose of the MC is to energize, invigorate, and guide the listener to a higher state of mind, whether that be reflection, relaxation or enlightenment. This is the culture and not the business of Hip Hop, to serve as a tuning fork to the emotions, that we may contemplate our current state collectively and forge our collective destiny with heightened perspective. A lot of people MC, but many have no idea what it really means.

DOWNLOAD The Masters of Ceremony

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Elaquent: Green Apples & Oranges [Album]

DOWNLOAD Green Apples & Oranges

Rediculous: Memories Over Music (Vol. 1): Rediculusly Faded [Album]

DOWNLOAD Memories Over Music (Vol. 1): Rediculusly Faded

Edo Lee: Sleepwalker [EP]

DOWNLOAD Sleepwalker

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Clusterfunk Collective presents Take Five: VINK [Interview]

Not yet old enough to buy cigarettes in the States, VINK still smoked the competition on Soundcloud - seamlessly generating gems at will, including a "sicker than your stool" remix of DOOM's Air. The young old soul spoke with us about his recent accolades, his singles, and his plan for what's next.

"Take Five" to tap into the talent beyond the surface.

1.) How did you come to join the Hard Jazz 7 label?

I released a rework of the song “Lady” by Dwele and it created a lot of buzz. A friend of mine, Kazuhiro Noguchi introduced my music to Orion of HardJazz7. We started talking back and forth about music, and eventually decided to join the HJ7 roster.

2.) You were recently selected as one of the "Top 15 Beatmakers" to watch in the New Year. Why do you think you were selected?

I can’t really think of an exact reason. I think it's because I’ve been putting in a lot of work (musically). I’ve spent a lot of time working on music and messing with different production styles, while doing various collaborations with rappers globally. Rappers like Tony Green and TheNamesMillen were a part of the learning process and helped me mould my sound. I put my heart and soul into my music, and it's been there for me, when many people gave up on me. I think that comes through in each release I put out. To me, that's what music is really about. There’s so many beatmakers out there globally and you’re forced to find lesser known music when you’re digging through
the crates, looking for samples. If I flip a well known sample like Ahmad Jamal’s classic song I Love Music, it's really simple and it's not going to sound much different from the Pete Rock version. 100,000 producers can do that, so you’re having to step your game up or else you’ll sound redundant.

3.) You have let loose of a load of free singles, remixes and edits via Soundcloud and Bandcamp. How do you
determine which artists to work with and/or which tracks to transform?

Most of the time, artists contact me for collaborations. If I like what I’m hearing, I will send them a few demo beats and get them to pick the one that suits them best. After awhile, he/she will send me the music with his/her verses recorded. If I like it, I’ll release the full song on my Soundcloud page for everyone to hear. With remixes, I look for a beat that goes well with an acapella or I will just craft a new beat around it. When it comes to edits, I just pick a song I like and have been listening to for a while. I’ll try to work from the vibe I get from that song to create a new song out of it (with respect to the original).

4.) You are set to release your debut LP this year, which will undoubtedly expand your reach internationally. How has the potential for exposure changed your approach (if at all)?

First, I want to give a big shout out to Manu Pillai for doing the artwork. If you’ve seen that, it looks amazing. I’m really excited about the release! It’s made me think further outside the box, and I hope it will lead to more great collaborations. I hope to reach even more artists than ever before. I love jamming out to new types of music and constantly perfecting my craft.

5.) Last, but certainly not least - where is the best spot to crate-dig in the Netherlands?

Well that's kind of tricky. If you’re looking for just breaks and rare grooves, you could go to smaller spots like the “Sounds" record store in Tilburg. You can find so much well priced stuff there, but on the downside you rarely find any hip-hop albums there. They sell Hip Hop music at spots like “Demonfuzz Records” in Rotterdam, but their prices are higher due to the rarity of the records. If you’re a true crate-digger though, you won’t mind paying that extra buck from time to time. Of course, that is all up to you and your wallet (haha).

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Saturday, January 11, 2014



Weekly roundup of remixes, rarities, flips and edits - compiled by Clusterfunk Collective.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Flowback Fridays: Pinball Moons


Janelle Monae: Many Moons

The Pointer Sisters: Pinball Number Count

What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music (Trailer) [Video]

Matatabi: A Memory Fades Away [Album]

Matatabi peels back the pages of his "diary" - giving listeners a glimpse into some of his inspirations and reminding us all that A Memory Fades Away, but "the music continues being valid." Don't miss his video for Purrr (which if you caught our holiday ad you already know is right up our alley - no pun intended), below:

DOWNLOAD A Memory Fades Away

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings: Stranger To My Happiness [Video]

Ahmad Jamal: Dolphin Dance (Platurn's Resurrection Edit) [Single]

DOWNLOAD Dolphin Dance (Platurn's Resurrection Edit)

Nardwuar Interviews Diplo [Video]

Thursday, January 9, 2014

DJ Iron: Beneath The Surface [Mix]

DJ Iron - Beneath The Surface by The Find Mag on Mixcloud

Gensu Dean & Planet Asia: Listen [Video]

(thee) Mike B: (thee) Notorious B.I.G. [Mix]

Mike B melds together Biggie remixes, edits and several of his own blends into what plays like an aged and sapid audio set.

DOWNLOAD (thee) Notorious B.I.G.

Bambu f. DJ Q-Bert: Crosshairs [Video]

1-O.A.K.: Special Request Remixes [EP]

The Honor Roll crooner starts off the year with a set of Special selections from Trackademics, Headnodic and more.

DOWNLOAD Special Request Remixes

Zo! f. Eric Roberson & Phonte: We Are On The Move [Video]

Monday, January 6, 2014

Clusterfunk Collective presents 2013 Top Drops

@akadi @bgzthechief
1. Kanye West "Yeezus" 1. Deltron "Event 2"
2. Mac Miller "Watching Movies With The Sound Off" 2. Mac Miller "Watching Movies With The Sound Off"
3. Deltron "Event 2" 3. Toro Y Moi "Anything In Return"
4. DJ Nu-Mark "Broken Sunlight" 4. Step Kids "Troubadour"
5. Myron & E "Broadway" 5. Sol Galeano "Oye Mi Canto"
6. Janelle Monae "The Electric Lady" 6. DJ Nu-Mark "Broken Sunlight"
7. Toro Y Moi "Anything In Return" 7. Myron & E "Broadway"
8. Hieroglyphics "The Kitchen" 8. Hieroglyphics "The Kitchen"
9. Ta-Ku & Raashan Ahmad "Lo Fidelity, High Quality" 9. DJ Sapien: "Dumplings"
10. Harn Solo "Journey To The Sky" 10. Harn Solo "Perfect Picture"

@akadi @bgzthechief
1. Francis Chiser "Tom's Summer" 1. DJ Platurn "So This Is De La Heaven (pt. 2)"
2. DJ Platurn "So This Is De La Heaven (pt. 2)" 2. DJ Day "Way Out Of Living 2"
3. RQ Away "Lagniappe" 3. Francis Chiser "Tom's Summer"
4. DJ Needles "A Tribe Called Kast" 4. DJ Needles "A Tribe Called Kast"
5. Skratch Bastid "Satisfaction Guaranteed" 5. Moods "Elevate"
6. DJ Chicken George & Third Root "Mind Elevation" 6. RQ Away "Lagniappe"
7. Mr. Muddbird "San Francisco 45ers" 7. The 45 Sessions & DJ O-Dub "7+1"
8. DJ Day "Way Out Of Living 2" 8. Lil Dave & Personify "Gotcha Covered"
9. DJ Quickie Mart "Ask Ya Mom An 'Nem 9. DJ Muro "Muro Diggin' Black Jazz"
10. DJ Ali B "Oh! Sh!t!" 10. House Shoes "The King James Version (Chapter 1): Verses 1-4"

@akadi @bgzthechief
1. Suave & Prospek "Day 2 Day Soul" 1. Curren$y & Young Roddy "Bales"
2. The Black Opera "80z Babiez To Tha 2Gz" 2. The Black Opera "80z Babiez To Tha 2Gz"
3. LAKIM "Soulection White Label Series 001" 3. Suave & Prospek "Day 2 Day Soul"
4. Jarreau Vandal "Soulection White Label Series 003" 4. Janine & The Mixtape "Dark Mind"
5. Collective Resonance "The Gorillaz Project" 5. WriteGroove & AckWrite "Ackwrite"
6. DA-P "Soulection White Label Series 002" 6. DJ Rhettmatic & Frank Nitt "The Smoke Music EP"
7. Freddie Joachim "Olive Juice: The Love Remixes (Vol. 2)" 7. Marian Mereba "Room For Living"
8. LAKIM "Reinterpretations" 8. Beat Gates "Somethings"
9. Janine & The Mixtape "Dark Mind" 9. Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa & Cookin Soul "Live In Concierto: The Jetmixes"
10. WriteGroove & AckWrite "Ackwrite" 10. LAKIM "Reinterpretations"

@akadi @bgzthechief
1. Oddisee "Tangible Dream" 1. Bambu "Sun of a Gun"
2. Bambu "Sun of a Gun" 2. Oddisee "Tangible Dream"
3. Rapsody "She Got Game" 3. Joey Bada$$ "Summer Knights"
4. Kanye West & The Beatles "What's A Black Beatle?" 4. Curren$y "New Jet City"
5. Astro "Starvin Like Marvin For A Cool J Song" 5. Rapsody "She Got Game"

Friday, January 3, 2014

Flowback Fridays: Berimbau In The Summer Garden [Video]


Cut Chemist: The Garden

Astrud Gilberto: Berimbau

Quincy Jones: Summer In The City

Capital STEEZ: 47 Piiirates [Video]

HYPETRAK presents Kaytranada: Instrumental Hip-Hop Is Dead [Mix]

DOWNLOAD Instrumental Hip-Hop Is Dead

Del Tha Funky Homosapien: Iller Than Most [Album]

Del goes solo for the dolo with a new "lyrically ill but fun" album for the low price of FREE.

DOWNLOAD Iller Than Most

Blu & Cookbook: YES [EP]

Without going into details, we'll just say that this year's birthday was full of surprises - not the worst of which was a brief, albeit bold EP from Blu and Cookbook. All eight tracks are tight as a rubber band, but Popeye (alongside Pigeon John) and We Swear (with Frank Nitt) are our tops.


Question: Favela [EP]

Question kicks off the year by going global - taking listeners on a tour of five of his Brazilian favorites. Check for our personal favorite, Cancão Da Ra.


Soulection White Label 004: starRo [EP]

Soulection newcomer starRo puts his skills on display for the fourth White Label installment, describing the project as "4 love stories" and "a progression" into the New Year.

DOWNLOAD Soulection White Label Series 004: starRo

Freddie Joachim: Begonia [EP]

Freddie grabs the first slot of the New Year with a 4-track freebie of mellow instrumentals, including the aptly-titled Day One.


BINKBEATS: Beats Unraveled (#6) [Video]