Friday, September 30, 2011

Flowback Fridays: As I Stand Here Contemplating... [Video]


The Jones Girls: Who Can I Run To

XScape: Who Can I Run To

Koncept & Tranzformer: High

Charlie Smarts: Low Bottom Me [EP]


Kooley High representative Charlie Smarts (who recently signed with producer Black Jeruz) serves up twelve tracks of rapid-fire rhyming over sick sounds.

DOWNLOAD Low Bottom Me

¡MAYDAY!: Sweat Shop [Video]

Our top track from Lords Of The Fly gets the visual treatment.

Zumbi: Mind In The Sky [Video]

Zumbi lets loose of the first video from his Versus mixtape.

SIDENOTE: For those hwo have had the chance to watch his perform live, there should be no doubt why this is one of the best free drops this year.

Murs & Ski Beatz: Let's Go [Video]

Featured on this year's A3C Compilation.

Life + Times: I Got A Story To Tell [Video]

Life + Times catches up with Theophilus London on his way to perform at Opening Ceremony in Manhattan, discussing his approach to live shows and his level of comfort within his own skin.

Wiz Khalifa: Day Today (Season 4) Episode 7 [Video]

Happy Birthday Wiz...

Leroge: Ambient On The Streets Of Africa [Single]


DOWNLOAD Ambient On The Street Of Africa

Hip Hop & Love Tour [Mixtape]


DOWNLOAD Hip Hop & Love Tour Mixtape

Pearl Jam: PJ20 (Documentary) [Video]

Directed by Cameron Crowe, PJ20 documents the early days of Pearl Jam - from the perceived ridiculousness of their name to their rapid rise to the top of the Alt-Rock food chain. The film provides an in-depth look into the band's history through the perspcective of each individual member. Fore more details, visit the PJ20 Facebook.

j*DaVeY: Queen Of Wonderland [Video]

New Designer Drug, out sooner than later...

Adele: Someone Like You [Video]

Simply amazing...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nevermind The Low End Magik [Mixtape]


In celebration of the 20 year anniversary of the release of Nirvana's Nevermind, A Tribe Called Quests' Low End Theory, and Red Hot Chili Peppers' Blood Sugar Sex Magik - all of which were released in the exact same day - DJ Wonder, DJ S-1, NSR, and Dash Speaks in conjunction with Mitts, Mayor and Freebase have put together the NevermindTheLowEndMagik mixtape, a live version of the party by the same name.

DOWNLOAD Nevermind The Low End Magik

The City [Video]

Jakie Skellz: Someday [Video]

New Orleans has a distinct smell in the air when Fall arrives each year. It's hard to describe, but for those who know there is no explanation needed. This video captures the feeling of breathing in that freshness, easing into your eardrums like wind through willows. For more breezy beats and razor sharp rhymes, scoop Jakie and the homie LaP's NOLA Hip-Hop Award nominated Up There EP.

Concrete Walls Project (Chapters 1-4) [Video]

For more info, visit Concrete Walls Project.

Kidkanevil: Tokyorkshire [Album]


A tribute to Raymond Scott.

DOWNLOAD Tokyorkshire

Adult Swim: Unclassified [Mixtape]


That blue owl is creepier than the white one in The Fourth Kind...

DOWNLOAD Unclassified

Nature Sounds: Sene [Video]

Sene sets the record straight on how he and Blu met and began making music together, compares their individual sounds, and gives his take on Open.

Koncept & Tranzformer: High [Video]

Featured on the collaborative EP More Than Meets The Eye. We could listen to this beat on constant repeat all day...

Tabi Bonney: Parachute [Video]

The first official visual from The Summer Years, produced entirely by Ski Beatz.

Evidence: It Wasn't Me [Video]

The second visual from Cats & Dogs, which is shaping up to be EV's best yet.

Eligh & AmpLive: Therapy At 3 (Trailer) [Video]

This project is going to be unlike no other in the best way possible...

Kashflow: Re-Enrollment 2 (Everything's Illuminated) [Mixtape]


Kashflow returns for Re-Enrollment, bringing with him 20 tracks of new material including the summer slapper Paper Mission, alongside Curren$y.

DOWNLOAD Re-Enrollment 2 (Everything's Illuminated)

DJ Needles: American Gangstarr [Mixtape]


DJ Needles resurrects his 2008 blend tape, mashing Jay-Z lyrics with Gang Starr production.

DOWNLOAD American Gangstarr

N.O.L.: Back To The Pimpin' [Single]


DOWNLOAD Back To The Pimpin'

MTV News Interviews Mac Miller [Video]

Curren$y: Ways To Kill Em [Video]

Word to @AKadi.

Monday, September 26, 2011

SABER: #EndMuralMoratorium [Video]


Los Angeles municipal code defines murals as signs and the permitting process constitutes an effective ban on this art. Art in the public space is necessary for a healthy visual environment, a counter balance to gray walls and endless advertising. Los Angeles was once the 'Mural Capital of the World' and this city should claim that title again!

Murals are not signs and art is not a crime!

Tell Mayor Villagaigosa and the L.A. City Attorney's office to end the mural moratorium now.

Sign the petition on and #EndMuralMoratorium

Charles Hamilton: C.A.T.S. Can [Mixtape]


Charles goes hard for what appears to be no apparent reason other than bitterness. Regardless, there are a lot of artists that have done and said things that are far dumber than the sonic spitter, and we still think his skills are some of the most underrated in the game.


Wil Hart (The Delfonics) f. Rick Ross: Here For You [Single]



Montreality Interviews Masta Ace [Video]

Masta Ace gives his take on comparisons to Em, shares what motivated him to be a good student, and lists his keys to success.

Chuuwee: Chez Chit [Video]

Chuuwee's on his Chez Chit in the latest video from the Jon-Lo produced Be Cool.

Casual: Fiend Of Hip-Hop [Video]

Featured on Casual's latest album, Hierophant.

Evidence: You [Video]

Evidence gives his DJ Premier-laced single the visual treatment. Cats & Dogs hits shelves tomorrow.

J Boogie's Dubtronic Science: Go To Work (Hot Toddy Remix) [Single]


From J Boogie:

The second single from J Boogie's upcoming full-length 'Undercover' manifests in true form to its title - 'Go to Work'. The break drops with the weight of a b-boy classic, riding a hook that sounds ready for a blaxploitation chase scene. With incredible momentum and restrained funk, J Boogie's fusion of hip hop, funk, dub and the clatter of latin percussion joining it all, Go to Work leaves no room for quiet observers and head-nodders on the dancefloor; this one is all body language.

DOWNLOAD Go To Work (Hot Toddy Remix)

Chevy Woods: The Cookout [Mixtape]


Wiz joins Chevy for a feast of Taylor Gang proportions on The Cookout.

DOWNLOAD The Cookout

DJ Flash: The Best of Phonte [Mixtape]


Always leery of "best of" mixes, we approached this one with caution. Phonte has one of the more diverse catalogs (solo or otherwise) of music, and tackling all that the artist has MCed and produced in an effort to select his most worthy work has to be challenging. Yet DJ Flash takes it all in stride, compiling 70 tracks worth into 78 minutes of pure musical enjoyment.

DOWNLOAD The Best of Phonte

Freddie Gibbs f. Freeway: Anything To Survive [Video]

Gangsta Gibbs is joined by Philly Free for the Beatnick & K-Salaam produced single (and also the first video from) Freddie's upcoming Cold Day In Hell.

Sir Michael Rocks: Premier Politics [Cover Art]


Mikey's long-awaited solo venture, Premier Politics, hits your ears September 30th.

Has-Lo: Illegally Yours [EP]


To satiate fans until the November 15th release of Conversation B, Has-Lo is letting go of some unreleased tracks, compiled neatly into a 5-track EP offered for FREE at Mello Music Group's Bandcamp.

DOWNLOAD Illegally Yours

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mac Miller: Smile Back [Video]

Mac supplies the visuals to the second single from Blue Slide Park.

Drake: Take Care [Cover Art]


From Drake:

Feels like it’s been so long. Is life moving so fast in this generation that when we desire something it begins to move in slow motion? Are we just used to getting what we want right away? Or do we require one another to feel right about all that is going on around us? Maybe our anticipation is justified by the fact that we genuinely cannot wait to share a moment again? Either way, your life and mine are scheduled to meet on October 24…I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Flowback Fridays: Runnin' On A Cloud... [Video]


The Pharcyde: Runnin'

Wiz Khalifa: Name On A Cloud

Slangston Hughes & L'Daialogue DiCaprio: Dollar$ & Daialogue 1.5 [EP]


Following the acclaimed first installment of Dollar$ & Daialogue, NOLA Hip-Hop Award Nominees Slangston Hughes and L'Daialogue DiCaprio double-back for a second helping of sharp sounds and slang. Produced alongside MiZUnderstatistic, the project also features Nick "Soul Nick" Solnick and Andrew McGowan on drums and keyboard.


LiveSoul: Pay Attention [Video]

Filmed on an iPhone.

Davinci: A Filmore Story [Video]

Urban Everything Interviews Wiz Khalifa [Video]

Wiz explains his love for London, love of the drink, and love for...

LBTV: Rifflandia [Video]

Lyrics Born takes a moment to recap a successful summer, including a performance at SF Outside Lands. LB will be headlining the Rifflandia festival this Saturday in Victoria, BC.

Wiz Khalifa: Taylor Gang [Video]

Da$h: Nametag [Video]

Even after the release of Chron Burgundy, Da$h is still not finished giving viewers a look inside of the Caveman Files.

OnCue: All The Way [Video]

Can't Wait, coming sooner than later.

Eligh & AmpLive: Therapy At 3 [Cover Art]


Eligh and AmpLive partner for Therapy At 3, with assists from Zumbi, The Grouch, Busdriver and others. The project is scheduled for Novermber 15th.

Mod Sun: Blazed By The Bell [Mixtape]


Complete with a cameo from the real Mr. Belding.

DOWNLOAD Blazed By The Bell

Will Sessions: Real Sessions [Mixtape]


Before reinterpreting the music for a pretty well known classic hip hop album from NY, Will Sessions produced a series of wildly successful live shows for Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, and Black Milk in their hometown of Detroit in 2009 and 2010. The band had performed dozens of times in previous years within multiple genres–namely funk, jazz, and afrobeat–but had never tackled hip hop until these shows. 'Real Sessions' revisits those performances with 10 selected live recordings showcasing their full 8-piece band recrafting beats from Madlib, J Dilla, Black Milk, Mr. Porter, and Nick Speed; with DJ Dez providing his trademark cuts and scratches.

Recorded to multi-track, fully mixed and mastered. Includes an 18-page booklet.

DOWNLOAD Real Sessions

Beats Per Minute: Araab Muzik [Video]

The final installment in the Beats Per Minute series features Araab Muzik displaying his expertise on the MPC live at Flud HQ.

Big L: Now Or Never [Video]

Theophilus London: Wine & Chocolates [Video]

TL partners with Nah Right and Court Dunn for the latest video from Timez Are Wierd These Days.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Russian Adventures of B.O.B. [Video]

Exile: 4TRK MIND (Promo) [Video]

4TRK MIND will give you an 8-track mentality, but not until October 4th.

TDK Interviews Kendrick Lamar [Video]

Kendrick defines what mixtapes mean to him, detailing who and what inspires him the most.

Kidz In The Hall: Pre Game v.1 [EP]


As a warm-up for the November release of Occasion, Naledge and Double-O will be letting go of 3, 3-track packs for five fingers, including several unreleased joints.

DOWNLOAD Pre Game v.1

Mississippi Grind


From Red Bull:

Sponsored and created by Red Bull, the Mississippi Grind river barge tour is presenting a unique skateboarding experience. Built on a massive barge, this floating skatepark will travel a total of 1,705 miles from its launch point in Minnesota's Twin Cities to its final destination of New Orleans, La. Upon completion of the journey, Red Bull will donate the obstacles from the barge skatepark to the city of New Orleans to be placed in a public skate space.




Rock The Bells 2011: RZA [Video]

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mod Sun: A Day In The Life [Video]

Tight roll your Z. Cavaricci's and break out the Aqua Net for the September 22nd release of Mod's most recent mixtape, Blazed By The Bell.

DJ Merlin: Amy Amy Amy [Mixtape]


We have been very cautious of the many Amy projects that have surfaced following her death, yet DJ Merlin's mix seems to celebrate what would have been (greatness) rather than what was (simply an untimely loss for our culture).


Thelonius Martin: Super [Video]


You may remember our first feature of Thelonius Martin back in April, when we highlighted 16-Bit, his Dilla-inspired, digital-esque masterpiece that dulled the senses like a practice ride on Koopa Beach. Six months later, he's back with 17 tracks described as "the end of an era" and also the end to his series, including 1UP, Dusty Cartridges, Player 2, 8-Bits Of My Heart, 16-Bit.

BUY Super

Sean O'Connell: Our Curious Case [Video]

Free At First Light hits shelves January 10, 2012.

Stones Throw Podcast 68 (Mayer Hawthorne) [Podcast]


DOWNLOAD Stones Throw Podcast 68 (Mayer Hawthorne)

Murs: The Making of Love & Rockets (Episode 5) [Video]

Amp Live: Differ.e.n.t. [Video]

Last week we featured Amp's latest solo EP, You Are Not Human, and this week he follows up with the first video from the project. Amp has produced many great instrumental projects, specifically within the last five years, but You Are Not Human seems to meld the best of the music he has crafted for Zion I and others into one cohesive sound.

Dam-Funk: Inafocuseddaze [EP]


Dam sure has been Inafocuseddaze, putting out EP after EP this year of quality music that is all killer and no filler. Up-and-comers could take a note or two...

DOWNLOAD Inafocuseddaze

J Boogie's Dubtronic Science f. Lateef Tha Truthspeaker: It's On Fire [Single]


To introduce the latest installment of Dubtronic Science, J. Boogie solicits the skills of Lateef. Undercover arrives October 4th.


McKenzie Eddy f. GLC & Da$h: What A Life [Video]

McKenzie's voice paired with GLC's production is a match made in heaven. The sounds found on Young Platinum are, in our opinion, McKenzie's best to date, and GLC? Well, his 2011 accomplishments are far too many to mention in this one post (but be sure to type those same three letters into our search bar and see what you find). Also featuring D-A-dollarsign-H, this is McKenzie's first official video.

Jakie Skellz: Someday (Trailer) [Video]

Skellz gives viewers a sneak peek of his upcoming video for Someday, featuring L.A.P.

DJ Bonics presents Wake Up, Mac Miller (Parts 1-3) [Video]

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Luxurious Undergrind (Web Series) [Video]

Teedra Moses has teamed with Vanessa James and Mara Melendez to bring fans a new way to hunt for and consume undiscovered talent, revealing the luxurious grind of those in the underground, hence Luxurious Undergrind. Tune in Thursday at 10pm (EST).

Lisa Oh Interviews Lyrics Born [Video]

Lyrics Born discusses his infamous ever-changing approach to making music, how that affects his fan base, and the level of creative freedom that provides him as an artist.

Musiq Soulchild: You [Video]

Musiq Soulchild recently announced his new role as an Ambassador for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Circle of Promise, a movement designed to further engage black women around the globe in the fight against breast cancer.

Take a few minutes to check out Musiq's new video 'Yes', which features breast cancer survivors from the metro Atlanta area. The video was directed by Juwan Lee.

Word to @AKadi.

Bambu @ Show Box Market [Video]

Footage of Bambu performing Just(Us) and Iron Bam during the Seattle leg of the Cinemetropolis Tour. For dates and other details, visit

Neako: LVLYSL [Video]

The Number 23 arrives next week.

Curren$y: RAW Sessions (Episode 1) [Video]

Wiz Khalifa: Day Today (Season 4), Episode 6 [Video]

Locksmith: Breaking Point [Video]

Lock gives fans a bonus before beginning the break for his November 15th album release. If you haven't done so already, be sure to scoop the mixtape warm-up, I Am Lock.

How To Make It In America 2 [Mixtape]


Scott Vener teams with Mick Boogie for the official soundtrack for HBO's acclaimed series, How To Make It In America.

DOWNLOAD How To Make It In America 2

The Come Up Show Interviews Stalley [Video]

Stalley talks with The Come Up Show about the importance of a steady work ethic (especially amongst the team of MMG heavy hitters) and the significance of throwing your city up.

Yelawolf f. Lil Jon: Hard White (Up In The Club) [Video]

Yelawolf digs up Lil Jon for the first video to surface from Radioactive, dropping next Tuesday.

Nightlife: The Roc Raida Tribute [Video]

From Rhettmatic:

Members of the X-Ecutioners, the Beat Junkies, & DJ P-Trix all pay tribute to the one and only Grandmaster Roc Raida, including his daughter DJ Ny-Raida.

Interviews with DJ Precision, DJ Boogie Blind, DJ Sean C, DJ Rob Swift, J.Rocc, Mr. Choc, & MF Grimm

Performances by DJ P-Trix, Melo-D, D-Styles, Babu, J.Rocc, Rhettmatic, Mr. Choc, Boogie Blind, Precision, Sean C, Rob Swift, & Ny Raida.

Monday, September 19, 2011

LRG Artist Series: San Francisco [Video]

SBTRKT f. Roses Gabor: Pharoahs [Video]

SBTRKT's debut album is available now on iTunes.

Mod Sun: Same Way [Video]

Blazed By The Bell, presented by 2DopeBoyz and Rocksmith Clothing and complete with appearances from Spitta, 88-Keys, Ab-Soul, and more.

Detroit To Los Angeles [Video]

From Noah Banks:

Join Rime and Roids in Detroit, Michigan in July of 2011. Follow along with them painting walls and preparing work for the Perseverance art show at Known Gallery in Los Angeles. Admired for their public works in spray paint. Rime and Roids translate their ideas and process, scaled down into a gallery setting.

Teddybears f. Cee-Lo & B52's: Cho Cha [Video]

Devil's Music is available now on iTunes

The Art of Chris McVeigh [Art]




OkayplayerTV Interviews Immortal Technique [Video]

Little Dragon: Brush The Heat

Animated by Yusuki Nagana (lead vocalist Yukimi's father).

Jonathan Lowell: Wool Sweater & Meantime [Singles]


In preparation for his upcoming production, Sheepscapes: The Vincent Brooks Story, Jonathan Lowell lets two singles loose, Wool Sweater and Meantime. The full-length is fitted with features from Chuuwee and Danny!, among others.

DOWNLOAD Wool Sweater


THURZ: LA Riot [Album]

For a limited time, THURZ is bringing the Riot to fans for free. Be sure to scoop the debut album, featuring Black Thought, Strong Arm Steady and others before it's too late.

DOWNLOAD LA Riot Interviews DJ Babu (Parts 1 & 2) [Video]

Pizzo ( talks with DJ Babu outside of Saville Row in Las Vegas about the structure of his sets, some upcoming collaborations, and (most important) the Dilated Peoples reunion.

WK Interact: Project Brave [Art]


To commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11, street artist WK collaborates with New York firefighters to create a massive street mural (100 meters long) full of passion and motion. The iconic firefighter, NY’s “bravest”, symbolizes the many heroes that helped New York survive the tragic events of 2001, and turn it into the City that inspired the whole world.





C-Plus: All C.I.T.Y. [Video]

Stay Official, a C-Plus documentary, is coming soon.

Space Invader In Sao Paolo [Art]




Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Nick Agin: Old Timey Star Wars [Art]


NYC has drafted antiqued renditions of Star Wars characters, envisioning them as ancestors of a galaxy long gone.



View more at