Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rodney Hazard & Jason James "Fame Us" (Video)

After spotting the Marvelous World Of Color feature over at Potholes last month, we listened and were so impressed that we immediately posted details. Since then, we have recommended this project to a variety of people, and it still has not left our playlist. Here is the first official video from the project. If you have not experienced Marvelous World Of Color
you should. In the meantime, enjoy!

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Aloe Blacc "Femme Fatale" (Video)

Aloe Blacc continues to impress us with his talents. He has a keen eye for fashion, a sharp ear for sounds, and an genuine hunger that is beyond rare in music these days. We have been prepping for the release of his latest project by reloading his debut album, Shine Through, back onto our playlist. Although we have not copped Good Things just yet, we are excited to hear it. Until then, we hope you enjoy the first visuals as much as we have.

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D/Will "Cartoon Beat Emporium: Pinky & The Brain Experiment" (Video)

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lil Wayne "I Am Not A Human Being" (Video)

Let the countdown begin...

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Niceguys "The Show" (Album)


There has been much positive rumbling about this album, and for good reason. The Houston foursome have received kudos and praise from fledgling and established artists alike (not that that is always cause for listening). Some have said that they are akin to the Gorillaz, yet it seems more likely that their global musical tastes have confused some local critics, and perpetuated a reach for comparisons. Regardless, the album sounds great and we are excited to watch the group grow. Word to Audible Treats.


Seen and heard at Audible Treats

¡MAYDAY! "Lords Of The Fly" (Mixtape)



Seen and heard @djbooth

Black Milk "Welcome (Gotta Go)" (Video)

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Ta-Ku Tribute To J-Dilla (Beat Tape)



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Flying Lotus Mix


We setup to post this last week, but it got lost in the stack of mistakenly deleted emails. Then we found it and suddenly the link would not work properly. Finally, seven days later, here we are (since FL doesn't rush good music then neither should we, huh?). Enjoy!


Seen and heard @hypedog

Friday, September 24, 2010

Black Milk "Album Of The Year" (Trailer)

Whereas we originally planned to feature the new Black Milk video for Welcome (We Gotta Go), the link we were provided was not workin at the time of this post. So in honor of Black Milk's AOTY Release Party tonight at MightySF in Frisco, we decided to repost the trailer instead.

This album hasn't left the playlist since its release date, so we have to concur that he was right on the money with that title, too. #justsayin

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Pacewon & Mr. Green "Liquor & Drugs" (Video)

We first heard Pacewon spit on Morcheeba's Charango in 2003 (the album was released a year prior), and have followed his work since. Pacewon's Best, a collection of solos and features put together by Sardonic Smirk (who also created Sardonic Shall Pass, featuring material by Aesop Rock), is the last "new" Pacewon work that we can remember grabbing. Until now. Here is Liquor & Drugs, the first visuals from the album The Only Number Is Won with Mr. Green.

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Blu "MyBoyBlu" (Video)

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Novel "Legato Blues Summer" (Mixtape)


Novel has put out a lot of solid, true blue hip-hop projects. If you do not agree, check his latest leaked track Dear Hip-Hop (aka Lauryn Hill), which is only one of many. Although this is the first Novel project that we have featured, rest assured there will be many more to come. Until then, enjoy!


Seen and heard @djbooth

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Making of Make Your Move

After having yet another copy of Full Circle lifted, last week we finally retrieved the album (shouts to Rasputin Vallejo), in large part due to this specific track. Then lo-and-behold, this week Domino posted the making of Make Your Move on Twitter. Below is the story of how it all came to be (directly from Domino's Tumblr):

The main thing I remember about Make your Move was, I made it on one of the rare days Del came over my house. At the time we lived less than a mile from each other and Del used to ride around the neighborhood on his scooter and on this day, he stopped by my house. Del was heavily studying music theory at that time and I recall putting together the beat as he spoke about his new ideas for making music. I believe the original sample of the main groove was in 3/4 time so I had to make cut it up and triggered one part twice to make it 4/4 time. In order to cut it just right, I programmed a basic drum beat and that was my guide to matching up the pieces. I could use a metronome but it works much better to an actual drum. Once the pieces matched right, I reprogrammed the drum to give it a bit more life and fatness. At that point I was done for the time being, saved it as just the main loop and drum.

A while passed and we made plans to record “Full Circle” in a house we rented down in Venice, CA. We all brought our individual equipment, many beats and I brought records to make more during the process. I remember, I had the basic “let em roll” beat , “Shift Shape” beat as well as, “Make your Move” when we arrived there. I played “Make your Move” and Casual and Pep came up with the concept of the “traveling man” once again away from his girl. We all felt the beat conveyed a heartfelt vibe and thus the concept made sense. The verses were recorded and Pep came up with the “I’m leaving on a jet plane” chorus based around the Peter, Paul and Mary original. I recall not liking the chorus for the song because, a) Pep said it in a cadence that threw me off and seemed off beat and b) That hook had already been used in a couple of hip hop songs (Just Ice and Mos Def immediately came to mind). At the time I didn’t have a better alternative and everyone else seemed fine with it. We saved the session and tentatively titled it “Jet Plane”.

Fast forward a few months later, we have moved back to the Bay Area and continued our recording at Hyde St. Studios in San Francisco. Since I was not satisfied with the chorus we had, I gave Goapele a copy of the song (without the present hook) to see if she could come up with something better. She liked the song and after about a week, came in to show us what she had some up with. Her initial recording of the Chorus was: ” So go on and go where you wanna go, see what you wanna see, be what you wanna be….ect” and we recorded this for all 3 chorus’. She then said, “I have another part maybe you can use for a bridge at some point later in the song”. So before the 3rd chorus, coming from Pep’s last verse was, “you know i don’t doubt you, I’ll be there for you, I’ll be right beside you just make your move”. I was totally happy with both parts she came up with and now felt much much better about the song as a whole.

The song stayed that way for a while but I kept listening to a cd burn of the song and started to feel that the Chorus somehow wasn’t right. The way she sung “So go on and go where you wanna go..” hook was a bit too powerful and I felt it was not really matching the vibe of the song. The more I listened to the bridge part, the more I felt it was a better fit because of the calm in her delivery. Having the “so go” chorus was like starting at the pinnacle with no where else to go as opposed to building up toward a powerful bridge like the “You know..” part did. I went in and then flipped flopped the parts and made a CD with both versions back to back. After listening in my car for a day, I was convinced the switch made it a waaaayy better song. I talked with a bunch of guys in the crew and again, there was some strong resistance to the change. Since I was the producer of the song and felt strongly the change was for the better, I over ruled everyone. Wit the new Chorus the song naturally became “Make your Move”. The only other addition to the song was Amp Fiddler who came in and added the xylophone parts that were an extension of small sounds in the original sample. This I felt, made it less redundant and a bit more musical. I believe there may have been a replay of the bass line to give it a fuller sound as I did with lots of the tracks on that album but I’m not sure. It should say on the album credits though.

In the end, I was happy how the song came out and the fact that I didn’t accept the song when it didn’t feel totally right, pleases me every time I hear it. It is one of our most popular songs and that alone tells me I made the right moves and proved there is a big difference between a “producer” and a beat maker.

Make Your Move video can be seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Phoenix Unleashes "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" Tracks


Phoenix has decided to release all tracks from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, enticing (and encouraging) fans and DJs alike to remix them. It should be interesting to see what surfaces (Wolfgang Amadeus Weezy?)...


Seen and heard @urbmag

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble feat. Aloe Blacc "Deliver The Word" (Video)

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble "Deliver the Word" feat Aloe Blacc from Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on Vimeo.

The last installment in the LA series features Aloe Blacc, alongside the Ensemble, paying tribute to the late Guru. Thanks again to ArtDontSleep for the visuals.

Additional footage from the evening, including performances with Bilal and Flying Lotus (and works by J-Dilla), can also be seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Curren$y & Trademark "J.E.T.S." (Video)

Slackin on what's happenin just a lil too much...

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Rocky Rivera "Trick Habit" (Video)

We're all guilty at some point...

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Hennessy Artistry Tour 2010: Chicago (Video)

KOOL should resurrect their summer tour series too. #just sayin

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Gilbere Forte "1st Floor" (Video)

Although the video for Black Chukkas was put together well, the ambience of this is even nicer on the eyes and ears. Both tracks can be found on Mr. Forte's latest project, 87 Dreams.

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Ghostwridah "Crazy" (Video)

The first installment of his 11-part video series accompanying his latest project In Love With My Future.

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Nefarious "For The Night Time" (Instrumental Mixtape)


We intended to post this yesterday evening, but encountered a small roadblock. As always, though, better late than never.

In the spirit of our newfound fondness for instrumental projects, we present For The Night Time, an ambient mix to vibe to with a lil 7N7. Enjoy!


Seen and heard at 2dopeboyz

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mystik Journeymen "Return To The Love" (Mixtape)


Although this was released much earlier in the year (Valentine's Day to be exact), we did not post it then, and after revisiting the tape again last weekend we felt an obligation to offer it now. Luckyiam and Sunspot Jonz (of Living Legends) are the duo known as Mystik Journeymen, and their Return To The Love EP was the prelude to Return To Eternia, their second project together. We are fans of both artists individually, and together they pack as strong a punch as 7L & Esoteric and (arguably) Felt. Enjoy!


Seen and heard @LuckyovLegends

Lee Bannon & Chuuwee "Hot-N-Ready (HNR)" (EP)


We've been feeling the California Love non-stop since Rock The Bells this year. Perhaps it is just coincidence, but there have been so many quality projects that have dropped (free and for sale) since we returned that it has been hard to keep up...

Anyway, we know our folks in Sac-town have been patiently waiting on this project for a minute! And after listening, the wait was well worth it. Lee Bannon and Chuuwee link up to present Hot-N-Ready (HNR), their latest outing featuring Zumbi (of Zion I) and C-Plus. Enjoy!


Seen and heard @ChuuweeTUS

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy 25th Anniversary Air Jordan


The shoe that has defined more than two generations and continues to be the ultimate symbol of status for sneakerheads celebrates its 25th anniversary. More popular now than ever, Air Jordans have evolved from fan fantasy to cultural classic.

Shouts to GFUNK, Jordan'em, and EDUB for those dope-ass black and white 1s you recently copped.

Kanye West "Power" (Mixtape)


Featuring some of Ye's most recent tracks, including Power and Runaway, and also some unreleased tracks. In addition, the project mixes in new material from Kid Cudi and several other artists.


Seen and heard @realmusiclives

Walls Are Dancing

MWM x Lets Colour France present Walls Are Dancing, a stop-motion music video of three mega-murals, painted in Marseille, Lyon, and Paris.

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Curren$y "Pilot Talk 2" (Trailer)

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Wale "The Work" (Video)

We some workaholics.

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Happy 25th Anniversary Super Mario Bros.

The official anniversary was actually yesterday, but the email slipped right by...

Nevertheless we make up for it by posting today, and with an even better visual than originally planned. Many a weekday afternoon was spent in Belle Chasse, complete with grandma's grill cheese and cherry coke, and this theme song...

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Paris DJs x Clutchy Hopkins "Psychedelic Hip-Hop, Funk, & Jazz" (EP)


Clutchy Hopkins - the man, the myth, the legend, right? Perhaps. Or Maybe he's been right in front of us this whole time and no thought to look for the most obvious candidate. Regardless, he possesses a knack for rap that most don't, and displays his brilliance humbly. Paris DJs presents an eclectic mix of Clutchy-mixed tracks, blending and bending the boundaries between mellow and mysterious.


Seen and heard @clutchymusic

The Art of Serge Mendzhiyskogo


Collage creator Serge Mendzhiyskogo pairs images of familiar cityscapes in an unfamiliar way, producing a magnificently vivid and lifelike scene, allowing the viewer to get an entirely different perspective.

Seen and heard at mashKulture

Friday, September 10, 2010

Show Tufli "Keep In Mind That I'm An Artist And I'm Sensitive About My Shit" (Mixtape)


Patience is a virtue, and this project has finally hit! We really appreciate Show Tufli's approach to this series and cannot wait to see what comes next. In the meantime, enjoy his latest, Keep In Mind That I'm An Artist And I'm Sensitive About My Shit, featuring sounds from Ms. Badu (aka Fat Belly Bella, aka Low Down Loretta Brown, aka Analog Girl In A Digital know the rest).


Seen and heard at Show Tufli Blog

XV "Vizzy Zone" (Mixtape)


We were recently introduced to XV via the V Is For Vizzy mixtape, and are pleased to find his latest, Vizzy Zone, even more impressive. Featuring Bun B, Mac Miller, and Killer Mike (just to name a few). Enjoy!


Seen and heard at 2dopeboyz

Naledge "Twenty Something" (Mixtape)


Hate to admit this, but we’re bigger fans of solo Naledge versus KITH Naledge…


Seen and heard at 2dopeboyz

Aaron Smith "Love Stoned" (Mixtape)


Wonder why he decided to drop the moniker?


Seen and heard at 2dopeboyz

Public Enemy "Tell It Like It Really Is" (Video)

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wiz Khalifa "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Taylor" (Video)

A few days ago someone on Twitter compared Wiz Khalifa to a young DJ Quik. This joint seems to validate that point. Regardless, this is instantly our top Wiz joint, at least for right now...

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OnCue "Cuey Sings The Blues" (Mixtape)


OnCue impressed us with Cueyfornication, flipping Red Hot Chili Peppers tracks in a way that made us remember how much we like the band. Although some of the original tracks were edited to fit some verses in, the tracks were not demolished, which can be rare these days. More important, he incorporated several all-but-unknown RHCP joints, which would impress any die-hard fan. Cuey Sings The Blues is a similar set, but with a more diverse selection of alternative artists (dude even goes in on a Dave Matthews track). Enjoy!


Seen and heard at 2dopeboyz

Also, the video for Crashing Down, the first leak from Cuey Sings The Blues, can be viewed below:

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Wiz Khalifa "In The Cut" (Video)

We meant to post this the day that it dropped, but neglected to. But that worked out all the better for #musicmonday, right? (Except that today is Tuesday.)

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Trademark Da Skydiver "Dead Fool" (Video)

The next video installment from TM's Super Villain #2 mixtape, which is simply forcing us to anticipate #3, dropping not soon enough.

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Zion I & The Grouch "One!" (Video)

Here are the visuals for One!, the first to surface since Heroes In The City Of Dope.

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble feat. Flying Lotus "Drips/Take Notice" (Video)

ArtDontSleep was kind enough to shoot us this download/video combo featuring Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble's recent performance in Los Angeles. The video features Flying Lotus and a track from J-Dilla.


Additional footage from the evening, including a performance with Bilal, can also be seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel


Cookin' Soul x DJ Drama "History In The Making: Gangsta Grillz" (Mixtape)


A lil late on this one, but still better than never...

Cookin' Soul continue their 2010 streak by teaming up with DJ Drama to present History In The Making: Gangsta Grillz. The project is a conglomeration of cameos, featuring Curren$y, Game, Soulja Boy, and Jean Grae. We gotta say, the wavy artwork is a nice touch too.


Seen and heard at Cookin' Soul Website

Buff1 "Ghosting" (Mixtape)


Ghosting is a project that gives listeners insight on the types of artists and music that inspires Buff1. Giving himself one week to write original material, Buff1 created this free project to be released into the blogosphere. Choosing songs that coincidentally had space for Buff1 to spit, none of the original songs have been edited.

Buff felt there were obvious similarities between the music on this project and one of his favorite Ghostface songs “Holla”; on which Ghost raps over the entire Delfonic’s song “La-La Means I Love You”. Ghosting also happens to be a game where one person follows behind another, mimicking their movements as closely as possible, without being detected.

The Ghostface homage, combined with Buff1 trying his best to follow in the footsteps of the artists who inspired him to write this project, made the title obvious. Lastly, don’t sleep on the exclusive bonus track “Better” produced by Slot-A.


Seen and heard at 2dopeboyz

Big Boi feat. George Clinton, Too $hort, & Sam Chris "Fo Yo Sorrows" (Video)

Yep, that about sums it up for us! This just may be our favorite track off of Sir Lucious Leftfoot, The Son Of Chico Dusty, in stores now.

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Domo Genesis "Rolling Papers" (Mixtape)



Seen and heard at Potholes In My Blog

P.SO x 8thW1 "Suicide By Jellyfish" (Mixtape)


As fans of P.SO since before he was referred to as such, we're very excited for this project to finally see light. Based on the few leaked tracks that have surfaced throughout the summer, Suicide By Jellyfish may be the Earth Tone King's best tape to date. Enjoy!


Seen and heard at 2dopeboyz

Poetic Republic "The Blackest Man Alive" (Mixtape)


The cover art is kinda crunchy, but so are the sounds...


Seen and heard at Potholes In My Blog

Cee-Lo "F**k You" (Video)

Cee-Lo continues to be the true embodiment of when keepin' it real goes RIGHT. The Lady Killer drops in December.

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel