Saturday, June 29, 2013



Weekly roundup of remixes, rarities, flips and edits - compiled by Clusterfunk Collective.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Flowback Fridays: Imagine, Then Get [Video]


Talib Kweli: Get By

John Lennon: Imagine

Myron & E On KCRW [Video]

The duo douse the Bay Area with their special mix of super soul this August.

Tucker & Bloom Partners With Rich Medina [Video]

Professor Eddy: Summer Grooves From The Capitol Vaults [Mix]

Summer Grooves From The Capitol Vaults by Professor Eddy on Mixcloud

Flea Market Funk presents Lazy Day: Summer Vinyl Treats [Mix]

Lazy Day: Summer Vinyl Treats by Flea Market Funk on Mixcloud

Karim: Beach Sessions (Vol.1) [Mix]

 photo karimchehab_zps57be6f58.png

DOWNLOAD Beach Sessions (Vol.1)

Mayer Hawthorne: Where Does This Door Go (Teaser) [Video]

The Hedonist: Hedonist Jazz (The Vibe Tribe) [Mix]

Hedonist Jazz - The Vibe Tribe by The Hedonist on Mixcloud

The Jazz Jousters present Milestone: A Year of Jazz Jousting [Album]

 photo jazzjoustersyear_zps86555bd9.png

DOWNLOAD A Year of Jazz Jousting

Mr. Porter: Porter Chops Glasper [EP]

 photo porter-chops-glasper_zps3901238c.png

DOWNLOAD Porter Chops Glasper

Soul Khan: Rusted Ghosts [Video]

Soul Khan shares the stories behind some of his skin stencils in the shoot for Rusted Ghosts. Scoop a copy of his newest EP, Psalm, available on iTunes.

Wax: I Shoulda Tried Harder [Video]

Wax reps an ultra-raw rhymestyle that defines when keepin' it real goes just right. Continue to follow his progression here.

Trek Life: We Good (DJ Pack) [Album]

 photo treklife_zps065cbbd2.png

DOWNLOAD We Good (DJ Pack)

Daru presents RUSIC LEAKS '13 : #DaruBeats (Asides) & RUSIC LEAKS '13 : #DaruBeats (Bsides) [Album]

 photo daru1_zps5c95b36d.png

DOWNLOAD RUSIC LEAKS '13 : #DaruBeats (Asides)

Drum Master Jones describes his free double-disc as "a retrospective of instrumental bangers from the RUSIC RECORDS catalog."

 photo daru2_zpsb79e8d7c.png

DOWNLOAD RUSIC LEAKS '13 : #DaruBeats (Bsides)

Tech N9ne & The Doors: Strange 2013 (Behind The Scenes) [Video]

Lakai presents Venice To Venice With Guy Mariano [Video]

Thursday, June 27, 2013

DJ Jazzy Jeff: Vinyl Destination (Episode 13) [Video]

The Bee Shine Interviews Skratch Bastid [Video]

The Grouch & Eligh: All These Lights (produced by Pretty Lights) [Video]

Sole Glow Collective: Compilation (Volume 2) [Album]

 photo soleglowcollective_zpsc218c88f.png

Sole Glow Collective lets loose of a long list of ill individual remixes, including reworks of Big L's Flamboyant (DJ Ninja) and Jay-Z's Threat (Man Of The Downtrodden).

DOWNLOAD Compilation (Volume 2)

Elaquent: Believing [Album]

 photo elaquent_zps2a4c7e9e.png

DOWNLOAD Believing

Ta-Ku: Re-Twerk 2 [EP]

 photo retwerk_zps8e4c86bc.png

It's tough to top the Keith Sweat Re-Twerk in the first installment, but the second installment's standout Suit & Tie comes close.


Montreality Interviews RZA [Video]

Slum Village: Summer Breeze [Video]

If you've followed the group's Evolution, then you've already scooped a copy of the latest LP by the same name featuring Rapper Big Pooh, Blu and more.

Evidence: Green Tape Instrumentals [Album]

 photo evidence_zps31915729.png

Anyone who follows this site regularly knows that we are insane instrumental hunters, so a measly eight bones for the the Weatherman's Green Tape is by far no burden.

DOWNLOAD Green Tape Instrumentals

Killer Mike & El-P: Run The Jewels [EP]

 photo runthejewels_zpsc9196b62.png

Killer Mike and El-P pickup where R.A.P. Music left off, continuing to carve out just the right combination of cuts to showcase each of their styles, plus sweetening the pot by offering it for the low price of FREE.

DOWNLOAD Run The Jewels

Asher Roth: The Greenhouse Effect (Vol. 2) [Mixtape]

 photo asherroth_zps277d12ed.png

As of late it seems that Asher Roth has been revisiting his rookie rhymestyle, although seemingly much more settled in his own space than he was on 2008's Greenhouse Effect (Vol. 1). Opting primarily for production from Oren Yoel, he balances beat selection with A-One (produced by Hi-Tek) and Pop Radio (produced by YMNO). Overall, the tape is not his best, yet far from the talentless torment that litters the lanes of mainstream hip-hop.

DOWNLOAD The Greenhouse Effect (Vol. 2)

Saturday, June 22, 2013



Weekly roundup of remixes, rarities, flips and edits - compiled by Clusterfunk Collective.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Mungo Jerry: In The Summertime (Platurn Edit) [Single]

 photo mungojerry_inthesummertime_platurnedit_zps06b482f8.png

Sweaters have never been funkier In The Summertime than they will be tonight! Catch a sizzling edition of The 45 Sessions featuring Sweater Funk alongside residents E Da Boss, Enki and Platurn.

DOWNLOAD In The Summertime

Black Simon & Garfunkel: Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover) [Video]

The Hedonist: Hedonist Reggae 4 [Mix]

Hedonist Reggae 4 by The Hedonist on Mixcloud

Waxist Selecta presents Brazil Spins (Volumes 1 & 2) [Mix]

Brasil Spins - Waxist Selecta by Waxist Selecta on Mixcloud

Brazil Spins Vol.2 | Mixed By Waxist by Waxist Selecta on Mixcloud

The Stuyvesants: Refined [Album]

 photo refined_zps2cbb2c28.png


Jose Bee: Roy Ayers Tribute [Mix]

 photo royayers_zps6a741e60.png

DOWNLOAD Roy Ayers Tribute

Bobby Tre: Black Kings [Video]

Bronx bomber Bobby Tre returns to his old stomping ground to set pen to pad, producing a brand new tape in one night. Check for his Moby-produced lead-off, Black Kings.

Phoniks: Make Beats, Don't Sleep [Album]

 photo phonics_zps6123e87c.png

Phoniks phishes for the some of the phattest beats to re-phinish, choosing classics such as MVP (Big L), Juicy (Notorious B.I.G.), One Love (Nas).

DOWNLOAD Make Beats, Don't Sleep

Skratch Bastid: Satisfaction Guaranteed [Mix]

 photo skratchbastid_zpsb4f66554.jpg

Table trickster Skratch Bastid re-releases a 2008 set, including a sick solo remix of Skew it On the Bar-B featuring Raekwon.

DOWNLOAD Satisfaction Guaranteed

Black Thought: Super Mario Bros. [Video]

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fuse presents Crate Diggers: Young Guru [Video]

The Jazz Jousters present Jim'nastics (The Jazz Jousters Strumming With Jim) [Album]

 photo jimnastics_zps136560b0.png

DOWNLOAD Jim'nastics (The Jazz Jousters Strumming With Jim)

Bama Love Soul presents Some Jazz 6 [Mix] presents [some] jazz 6 by Bama Lovesoul on Mixcloud

DJ Clone Funk: Afro Boogie Bananas [Mix]

Afro Boogie Bananas by *Dj Clone Funk on Mixcloud

Flea Market Funk presents Reaching Outward: An All 45 Excursion [Mix]

Reaching Outward: An All 45 Excursion by Flea Market Funk on Mixcloud

¡MAYDAY!: Believer [Video]

JJ DOOM: Bookhead [Video]

DJ Brace: Remixes, Scratches & Originals [Album]

 photo djbrace_zps4b8e1e46.png

DOWNLOAD Remixes, Scratches & Originals

Chris Read presents Kanye West: The Samples [Mix]

Kanye West: The Samples mixed by Chris Read by Whosampled on Mixcloud

LRG presents Off The Record: Ski Beatz [Video]

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quadron: Favorite Star [Video]

Deejay Theory: Northern Nights [Mix]

 photo deejaytheory_zpsf008e04a.png

DOWNLOAD Northern Nights

Laid Back presents G. Vibes: Seize The Solstice [Mix]

G.Vibes - Seize the Solstice by Laid Back on Mixcloud

Not A Beat, Not A Scene (Documentary) [Video]

Pragmatic Theory presents Kal-L & Keor Meteor: JFK [Album]

 photo jfk_zps6bfa5c28.png

From Kal-L:

The words of man have been the catalyst to ears throughout the world for centuries to communicate, to bring knowledge and to create change. Daily, we speak to one another and overlook the importance and power of thoughts that are transferred to sounds to help one another. In my years of listening, I have come to absorb the words from my forefathers of rap, philosophy, and pure intelligence. JFK has effected many people in his time, and still to this day the words he spoke have layed foundations for many lives, and guided people on a positive path. I have teamed up with the 'Great' Keor Meteor and Pragmatic Theory to show my dedication to a man that dedicated his life to helping others, and felt that this duo is an example of unity for a greater cause. Enjoy!


Peet Caliber X & LuvJones: Loaded Pencilz [Album]

 photo loaded_zps1ddea870.png

DOWNLOAD Loaded Pencilz

S. Habib: Live Good/King For A Day (produced by Pete Mac) [Single]

 photo livegood_zpsd66afffe.png

East shore spitter S. Habib slow flows over potent production from Pete Mac. Check for both on Da Gumbo Pot, coming soon.

Monday, June 17, 2013

DJ Rob Swift @ The Do-Over (05.26.2013) [Mix]

 photo robswift_zps7239062c.png

DOWNLOAD DJ Rob Swift @ The Do-Over (05.26.2013)

DJ Mr. E: Summer Soul Steeze [Mix]

 photo summersoulsteeze_zps08b5df1c.png

E embodies the season with Soul from Teh Robert Glasper Experiment, Tall Black Guy, A Tribe Called Quest and more.

DOWNLOAD Summer Soul Steeze

DJ Rhettmatic @ The Do-Over (5.26.2013) [Mix]

 photo rhettmatic_zpsce53cd75.png

DOWNLOAD DJ Rhettmatic @ The Do-Over

MED: Misunderstood (produced by Madlib) [Video]

Alexander Spit: Black Magic On Blue Magic [Video]

DJ Mordecai: Nuff Props [Mix]

Nuff Props by Dj Mordecai on Mixcloud

Mordecai melds many familiar samples, including Gangster Boogie (Chicago Gangsters), Try A Little Tenderness (Otis Redding), and Shape Of My Heart (Sting).

Magicxbeats & MF DOOM: DoomMagic [Album]

 photo doommagic_zpseeb5cdbb.png


Shad & Skratch Bastid: The Spring Up [EP]

 photo shad-skratch-bastid-the-spring-up_zpsae1c8e4c.png

Toronto transplant Skratch Bastid and London lyricist Shad come together as a "result of fortunate timing, grapefruit Perrier, a shared high school obsession with Outkast's Aquemeni", sharing five Spring-inspired singles starting with Classic, on which DJ Jazzy Jeff makes a cameo.

DOWNLOAD The Spring Up

Jay-Z: Magna Carta Holy Grail (Trailer) [Video]

Saturday, June 15, 2013



Weekly roundup of remixes, rarities, flips and edits - compiled by Clusterfunk Collective.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Flowback Fridays: Caminho Do Cativeiro [Video]


N.A.S.A. f. RZA, Barbie Hatch & John Frusciante: Way Down

Ton & Sergio: Vou Sair Do Cativeiro

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dam-Funk @ Peanut Butter Wolf's [Video]

Don't miss both of these Stones Throw soundcrafters alongside The 45 Sessions for LIVE 45 at MightySF on July 14th.

Gilles Peterson Talks George Duke's Brazilian Love Affair [Video]

The Crusaders: Message From The Inner City (Platurn's Unity Edit) [Single]

 photo platurn_zpsd7c0e8b3.png

DOWNLOAD Message From The Inner City (Platurn's Unity Edit)

Decades: Jazzy Joints (Volume 1) [Mix]

 photo decades_zps566eb5cc.png

DOWNLOAD Jazzy Joints (Volume 1)

The Hedonist: Hedonist Jazz (New Jazz Round Up) [Mix]

Hedonist Jazz - New Jazz Round Up by The Hedonist on Mixcloud

StillMuzik presents Looking For The Perfect Beat (Compilation) [Album]

 photo lookingfortheperfectbeat_zpsebc8e9f1.png

Fromm StillMuzik:

In 1983, Afrika Baambataa was 'looking for the perfect beat' with his band Soul Sonic Force.
30 years after, could he suspect that beatmaking could go so far, spreading all across the world?
Everybody is looking for the perfect beat. Especially beatmakers. As a tribute to Bambaataa, this compilation has been trying to contribute to this quest combining the original skills of mad beatmakers. Search for the loop, slice it, paste it, flip it, glitch it, make it right. Whatever the gear - analog, mp3, digital, software, hardware - it doesn't matter as it sounds good. Today's world beatmaking scene is very prolific, some producers are famous, some are getting famous, some work in the shadow of mc's, but everybody still looks for the perfect beat. Dilla-ists, Pete-Rockians, Primo's addicts, Easy-Mo Beeists, whatever school they belong to, all of the beatmakers united in the Volume I of this exclusive compilation brought the finest boombap we all love.

DOWNLOAD Looking For The Perfect Beat

Soulection: Time In Between [Album]

 photo soulection_zps7cbb0e3a.png

Ta-Ku, LAKIM, JuSoul, Sango and more make Time In Between their solo schedules to complete a killer compilation of "compositions from creative music makers worldwide."

DOWNLOAD Time In Between

LAKIM & AbJo: Random Access Remixes [EP]

 photo ram_zps2a08571e.png

From Potholes In My Blog:

Upon hearing Daft Punk's brilliant new album, 'Random Access Memories', this past May, two of our favorite producers were immediately inspired. The Potholes Music duo of AbJo and LAKIM then quickly got to work on flipping a few of the standout cuts on the record to create the Random Access Remixes EP. These include epic closing track 'Contact', the Panda Bear-assisted 'Doin' It Right', and throwback synth-epic 'Touch.'

Each and every RAM tune selected by AbJo and LAKIM was meticulously chopped-up and reinterpreted into something entirely new. What's most impressive is how they both tackled 'Doin' It Right' with a completely different and refreshing approach. On one hand, you have AbJo's self-described 'Turn Up RMX' that transforms the laid-back jam into a shot of audio adrenaline. Moments later, LAKIM's flexing his love for G-funk on his 'Left Coast G-Mix', which is sure to stay in your summer rotation right alongside the original.

DOWNLOAD Random Access Remixes

Harn Solo: Future (produced by Prospek & Crescent Kingz) [Video]

 photo harnsolo_zps7a9c1cc9.png

Harn Solo paints a Perfect Picture of the Future, scored by the soulful sounds of Prospek and Crescent Kingz.


Sol Galeano: Oye Mi Canto [Album]

New Renaissance member and self-professed "artist of culture" Sol Galeano lets loose of her long-awaited LP, featuring the standout Free, Right alongside Quest.


DOWNLOAD Oye Mi Canto (Chopped & Screwed)

Yasiin Bey & Preservation The REcstatic [Album]

 photo yasiin_bey_REcstaticTracklist_zps7d49f7e9.png

From Preservation:

The project started as a slow build with a few songs and then it become a challenge to do them all. Because it was a sample-based album, I wanted to keep the remixes sample-based and for them to have the same pitch, key and tone as the originals. The original beats were non-traditional and the amount of singing made it very difficult to remix with this intention of the same energy. It’s the result of countless hours of digging through records to sample, constructing the beat, wrapping it around the vocal, adjusting the tempo, and so on. ‘Quiet Dog Bite Hard’ was exciting because I was remixing my own track and it drew me into the process, and ‘Workers Comp’ was the most unique due to its complex time signature.

DOWNLOAD The REcstatic

The White Mandingos: My First White Girl [Video]

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SOFLES: Infinite [Video]

Public Enemy: Rebels Without A Pause (Trailer) [Video]

Fuse presents Crate Diggers: Egon [Video]

Amoeba Records presents What's In My Bag: Cut Chemist [Video]

DJ Jazzy Jeff: Vinyl Destination (Episode 12) [Video]


The Hedonist: The A to Z of Essential Jazz Artists [Mix]

The A to Z of Essential Jazz Artists by The Hedonist on Mixcloud

Sound Color Vibration: Podcast 158 (John Coltrane's Sheets of Sound, Part I) [Mix]

I Had An Accident Records Mix | SCV Podcasts Vol 157 by Sound Colour Vibration on Mixcloud

The Ologist: a tape for Gil. [Album]

 photo gil_zpsbb2e7521.png

DOWNLOAD a tape for Gil.

DJ Muro: Muro Diggin' Black Jazz [Mix]

 photo muro-black-jazz_zps3ac00d66.png

DJ Jazzy Jeff @ The Do Over [Mix]

 photo jazzyjeff_zpsd48cfa6b.png

DOWNLOAD DJ Jazzy Jeff @ The Do Over

Chris Arch/Retrotable Funk & Soul: Them A Bad (Early Reggae All 7'' Mix) [Mix]

''Them A Bad'' (Early Reggae All 7'' Mix) by Chris Arch/Retrotablefunk&Soul on Mixcloud

Dfalt: Helsinki (Part One) [Beat Tape]

 photo artworks-000049863410-2ztic8-crop_zps5a7d6e1b.png

Beat Gates: Passports [Mix]

 photo beatgates_zpsda3b10c0.png

Koncept: Oh Baby (J57 Remix) [Video]

Koncept puts a different spin on Malt Disney (lyrically and visually).

DJ Quik: Life Jacket [Video]

Nesby Phips & Reem f. Curren$y: Dusty Roads [Video]

Life + Times presents Decoded: Fabolous (Breathe) [Video]

ComplexTV presents The Process with Peter Rosenberg: Raekwon [Video]

B-Real presents Once Upon A Rhyme: How I Could Juts Kill A Man [Video]

The Revival: Pete Rock [Video]