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Friday, November 29, 2013

Flowback Fridays: Yeah Yeah .Paak Maps [Video]


Anderson .Paak: MAPS (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cover)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: MAPS

Cosmic Compositions presents Avant Garde Series Vol​​.​​3 (Sun Ra) [Album]

DOWNLOAD Avant Garde Series Vol​​.​​3 (Sun Ra)

JR. Dynamite: Funk/Soul Edits Collection [Mix]

DJ Cuzzin B: Average White Mixtape 4 [Mixtape]

Perhaps our most preferred in the series, the fourth installment of DJ Cuzzin B's Average White Mixtape places The Step Kids, Wings, Talking Heads, Cris Cab, Mansions On The Moon and many more into one of the cozier Couch Sessions.

DOWNLOAD Average White Mixtape 4

A Tribe Called Quest: Youthful Expression (Platurn Piano Edit) [Single]

DOWNLOAD Youthful Expression (Platurn Piano Edit)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sounds Like...TOKiMONSTA [Video]

TheFindMag presents Jim Sharp: All 45s [Mix]

Jim Sharp - All 45's Mixtape by The Find Mag on Mixcloud

DJ Supreme For Dust & Grooves [Mix]

DJ Supreme for Dust & Grooves by Dust & Grooves on Mixcloud

Prince Paul Interviews George Clinton [Video]

Daz Dillinger: Bacc 2 Tha Old School (Vol. 1) [Mixtape]

DOWNLOAD Bacc 2 Tha Old School (Vol. 1)

Andrew Kelley & DJ Mekalek: Some Songs I Made For RZA [Album]

DOWNLOAD Some Songs I Made For RZA

Asher Roth, Blended Babies & Chuck Inglish: See The World [Video]

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Clusterfunk Collective presents Take Five: Suave [Interview]

 photo takefive006_suave_500_zps8da3d02e.png

Heavy is the head that wears many hats. However Nate Cameron, professionally known as Suave, balances being a father, an artist and an Urban Impresario with ease. In our discussion he delves into love, life and lessons learned from touring, traveling and teaching his son.

"Take Five" to tap into the talent beyond the surface.

1.) You once told us that Allen Toussaint said, "You gotta go to grow." How do you think your move to Cincinnatti allowed you to further your craft and, ultimately, your career?

It was by far one of the hardest decisions I've had to make in my 29 years of living, but it all came down to one word - diversification. Having toured the gulf coast for the last 3 years prior to my move to Ohio, and getting overwhelming feedback and support, I was encouraged to go into a region that I hadn't grew up in. I was born and raised in New Orleans, grandparents in Mississippi, and other relatives in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, etc. you get my point. So the South is and always will be my comfort zone. It's the region that made me who I am both in and out of my artistic endeavors. So I felt like it was time to leave the proverbial artistic nest and be confident in my art enough to know that it could sustain my family and I. In the 2 years I've been here I've been performing all over the region, but more importantly to me I've been able to solidify a lot of the behind the scenes administrative things with a label I co-own called GPNYC Records, and a new artistic non-profit I've started called Urban Impresario. Also I've been fortunate enough to get some song and production placement on a couple major networks like Fox NFL. So being here and away from the constant performance laden environment of New Orleans for a little while,has allowed to me to sit back and really put my music business degree to work. I'm could get used to these music industry desk jobs. Ha Ha!

2.) You spent some time in Nashville for school. What is the greatest lesson you took away from that experience?

Those were hands down the toughest 5 years of my life when I lived in Nashville. While attending Tennessee State University and studying Music Business and Marketing, I went through just about every emotion there is. I definitely enjoyed my college experience and all the life long friends and networks I was blessed to make. The greatest thing I learned in Nashville came away from campus though. That thing is perseverance. While in college I lost my mom to a battle with colon cancer, lost my godmother, survived (first-hand) Hurricane Katrina, was robbed and shot 3 times, and that's the short version. Crazy right?!? Most people I talked to said they had no idea how I shouldered half of what I did while still attending school, but its times like those that let you see what you're really made of. Even though I grew up in a that time (some of the most dangerous uptown areas of New Orleans), it was Nashville, Tennessee where I learned to deal with adversity head on and be be a soldier.

3.) How do you think early touring with heavy-hitters like Juvenile helped determine the depth of your artistry?

I learned so many priceless lessons - not only as an artist but as a business owner from just being around those guys. I remember right after Katrina, Juvie was preparing to release his "Reality Check" LP. The album was by far one of Juvenile's most anticipated, and it definitely didn't disappoint, touting productions and features from industry heavyweights like Ludacris, Lil Jon, Cool-N-Dre, Fat Joe, Brian McKnight, Trey Songs, etc. He was the creator of club classic and record setting anthem "Back that Ass Up" yet he chose to select the controversial song "Get Your Hustle On" as his leading single. A song written out of frustration and truth about the hardships fellow Hurricane Katrina survivors were facing in real life. To me, it not only showed his listeners that he wanted them to do more than dance while listening to his music, but it showed his label that he had more to talk about than your everyday southern club rapper they were labeling him as. To be able to see and hear some of the inner workings of that particular project really showed me the value and power of artistic integrity and creative control. I've vowed never to comprise neither of those things from then on.

4.) You have recently began to expand your reach abroad. Are there any differences to how you approach working with artists domestically versus internationally?

Not really, and that's the beautiful thing about it. Music and the spirit of collaboration are a language of their own. The same approach I would take while at Inner Recess Studios back home with Prospek and the crew is the same one I took while in studios thousands of miles aways form home with people that spoke different languages other than English. We always hear the cliche' "music is the universal language." I got to live it and experience that truth. So besides some of the small language barriers it's business as usual.

5.) How has becoming a father made your mission more important?

When my fiance and I were blessed with our son, Khaliq, earlier this year I experienced a focus that I never knew existed. Like all good parents, I want to be a righteous role model, teacher, and provider for my child. As an artist, it's made my mission to educate and organize our communities that much more important and urgent. Khaliq was also another reason to get the administrative side of my music business tighter. Music licensing, songwriting, producing, etc. (if done professionally) lead to one beautiful word - residuals. How cool would it be to leave my son financial support from doing something I was put on the earth to do and love doing. We as artists and parents are chosen to birth and cultivate something that we hope one day would impact the world for good. I don't take that lightly at all. His names, Khaliq Rashad, in Arabic mean "creator" and "wise counselor" about some big shoes to fill. Ha Ha! Im excited to see him lace em up.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bill Adler Speaks On The Golden Age Of Def Jam

Soulection White Label 002: Da-P [EP]

 photo soulection_whitelabel_dap_zps72523c0a.png

From Soulection:

Hailing all the way from Montreal, Canada, Da-P is our latest addition to the Soulection roster. As our mission of breaking new artists and spreading music far and wide through our official releases continues, we will continue to present the White Label Series on Soundcloud only to expose as much talent as possible. Da-P has been on our radar for quite some time and is connected to Kaytranada, High Klassified, Tommy Kruise, and more. Every time we think about Montreal, the talent just keeps getting better and better out of that city. Enjoy this one and spread it to as many people as possible. This is good music and an amazing artist on the come up who deserves to be heard. Stay tuned for plenty of more from Da-P and Soulection.

Make sure to catch up on our whole White Label Series here:

Artwork by Andre Power
Executive Produced by Joe Kay

DOWNLOAD Soulection White Label 002: Da-P

The Hedonist: French Jazz [Mix]

Hedonist Jazz - French Jazz by The Hedonist on Mixcloud

Esperanza Spalding: We Are America [Video]

Genesis: Grey Skies 3 [Mixtape]

 photo genesis_greyskies3_zps7feea126.png

Genesis gives away the third installment of his Grey Skies series prior to premiering the full-length Grey Matter. Check for standouts Short Walk (produced by Westwood) and Ten Years of Sleep (produced by Reptar).

DOWNLOAD Grey Skies 3

Step Brothers (Evidence & The Alchemist): Step Masters [Video]

Pre-order the dynamic duo's bundle package at Fifth Element.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Clusterfunk Collective presents Take Five: Harn Solo [Interview]

 photo takefive005_harnsolo_500_zps056ffa18.png

We hone in on Harn's hustle - talking local talent versus legends, bringing the gap between the Bay and La, and his plan for what's next.

"Take Five" to tap into the talent beyond the surface.

1.) Explain the name Harn Solo.

The "Harn" part of my name refers to my real last name - Harney. I than added the "Solo" part as a play on words with the Star Wars character.

Solo is also referred to as a term of individuality. I'm well connected with the hip-hop culture in the Southcoast, so its not about being a loner or anything like that. It's really about letting loose with your creative freedom regardless of what others artists follow.

2.) When did you move to New Orleans, and what effect did the transition have on craft and, ultimately, your career?

I moved to New Orleans from California about four years ago. I also spent time in Arizona and Colorado before moving to the Crescent City. New Orleans is the first place I've lived in the South, so it was a definitely a culture shock when I first arrived.

I immediately noticed there was a lot of talent in New Orleans within the world of arts. Not only rappers, but also talented singers, producers, videographers and DJs. Some of my most notable collaborations are with Nola artists Prospek, Dappa, Suave, Lyrikill, Lyriqs da Lyraciss and Caliobzvr.

I feel like my music has improved after being around the people of New Orleans. The city also taught me how to hustle and run. There's opportunity out there, but you have to work hard to get it.

3.) New Orleans and the Bay Area quite obviously share similar (Southern) roots. In you opinion, what is the most prevalent element of artistry between the two regions?

In my opinion the Bay Area and New Orleans hip-hop cultures are both very colorful. Some of my favorite Nor Cal rappers are the Hieroglyphics and E-40. They dressed flashy and also had the stylistic word play to match their appearance.

The same could be said for Mystikal and Lil Wayne from New Orleans. You can't name a single rapper that looks or acts like those individuals. To me that's super dope.

4.) How does your West Coast upbringing contribute to your creative vision?

I went to a lot of Living Legends, Jurassic 5 and Hiero shows growing up. I even saw acts like Atmosphere and Eyedea from Rhymesayers. So that underground hip-hop culture will also be with me.

I can remember in college at Colorado State when my homies first played that "Deltron 3030" record. Shit blew my mind. I didn't know you could rap about wild ideas set place in the future. Moments like that probably turned me into the different kind of artist I am today.

5.) You have opened for Casual (Hieroglyphics), Tha Liks and Wu-Tang Clan (to name a few) - what did you take away from those experiences?

I took away the feeling I could actually hang on the same stage with some of the best 90s era hip hop legends. All those acts have toured more than I have, and have more professional experience than myself. However, I'm gaining confidence I have the ability to take my act beyond New Orleans.

Right now I'm working on building a team around me with a producer, videographer, manager, booking agent and more to get me to the promise land. This could just be the beginning of my story, so I'm grateful for Clusterfunk Collective for getting on board early!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013

Flowback Fridays: Me, My Knee & Dapper Rapper Worm [Video]


De La Soul: Me, Myself & I

Funkadelic: (Not Just) Knee Deep

Ohio Players: The Funky Worm

Edwin Birdsong: Rapper Dapper Snapper

Life + Times presents Decoded: Aqua & 3H (My 1st Song) [Video]

Ka: You Know It's About [Video]

Potholes Podcast: Latyrx [Podcast]

Potholes Podcast (Latyrx) by Potholes Music on Mixcloud

Slum Village: Let It Go (New Orleans Live) [Video]

Jim Sharp: Marauders Revisited Tour Guide [Mix]

From Jim Sharp:

On November 9th 1993 A Tribe Called Quest's 'Midnight Marauders' dropped. ATCQ was (and still is) my favorite rap group and, listening to 'Marauders' now, it seems incredible how it's endured the test of time. With the advancement of technology it has been possible to attain previously unreleased vocals, and with this in mind I started to rebuild tracks from Marauders from their original samples (it's important to note that technology has only moved so far and the majority of vocals were impossible to get). I took a lot of time to imagine how Q-tip would have captured the samples, probably using a turntable and an MPC. Consciously not using pitch correct, sampling one side of the audio and bouncing it to stereo and continually trying to get the right filter, echo, pitch and sound from the original sample. I also re-imagined big sections of tracks paying homage to some of my favourite producers such as Premier, DJ Shadow, 9th Wonder and Large Professor. I thought about what it would have been like to have some legends of the game such as Biggie, Nas and Biz Markie dropping guest verses next to Tip and Phife. I completely understand how dear Tribe fans hold 'Marauders' and it was important to me that it had a fresh take but stayed true to the original ethos. This was a labour of love and I hope people dig it for what it is.

DOWNLOAD Marauders Revisited Tour Guide

Dee-1: 3s Up [Video]

Soulection Radio Show #151: Mr. Choc (Beat Junkies) [Mix]

Show #151 w/ Mr. Choc (Beat Junkies) by Soulection Radio on Mixcloud

Monday, November 11, 2013

Alice Russell Answers The Questions (presented by Okayplayer) [Video]

Deejay Analog: Reprieve 45s [Mix]

 photo deejayanalog_zpsad306310.jpg

DOWNLOAD Reprieve 45s

Jakedragon: 45s [Mix]

 photo 45rpmadapter_zps2c2517e7.jpg


DJ Ian Head: The Digging Never Stops [Mix]

 photo djianhead_thediggingneverstops_zpsf1e721a9.png

From DJ Ian Head:

Travels happened this summer - couple days in Pittsburgh, two weeks in Portland, few days in Chicago, then back to the Apple. Along the way, multiple visits were made to key vinyl vendors. Additionally, I went back through some old boxes I'd left at my mom's house the past few years and pulled out a couple gems. In-between roaming the aisles and avoiding papercuts while thumbing through record sleeves, it was interesting to think about how my priorities in digging have changed. I've really been getting into some of the slower, bluesier soul joints - don't know if it's the thick summer weather or I'm just getting older. That being said, I'm still out here looking for the funk.

This is an all-vinyl mixtape, about half an hour of a few of the 45s that I found over the past couple months. Big shout out to all the fam and digging peoples and especially my non-digging friends who let me sneak off for a couple hours to stare at record labels.

I'm starting to put together a more lengthy "Fall" mix, but had to throw something out there in the meantime. THE DIGGING NEVER STOPS!! Hope you enjoy.

DOWNLOAD The Digging Never Stops

The Bee Shines presents What Inspires Kool Keith? [Video]

Friday, November 8, 2013

Flowback Fridays: Rise of Chessboxin' [Video]


Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge: Rise of the Ghostface Killah

Wu-Tang Clan: Da Mystery of Chessboxin'

Klaus Layer: Adventures Of Captain Crook (Full Tape Rip - A&B) [Mix]

 photo klauslayer_adventures_zpscf978ec0.png

DOWNLOAD Adventures Of Captain Crook (Full Tape Rip - A&B)

Deltron 3030 f. Zach de la Rocha: Melding of the Minds [Video]

Insightful: Elsewhere [Album]

 photo insightful_zps3a65d9e9.png

DOWNLOAD Elsewhere

Adam Kvasnica: Japanese Fusion [Mix]

Japanese Fusion by Adam Kvasnica on Mixcloud

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Life + Times presents Decoded: Pharrell Williams (Allure & Change Clothes) [Video]

The Beatfonics Crew: Yusef Lateef Session [Album]

 photo yuseflateef_zpsb9e4d1d7.png

Italian sound innovators The Beatfonics Crew tackle the tough task of translating the music of Yusef Lateef into a model that the modern musician can take in.

DOWNLOAD Yusef Lateef Session

The Jazz Jousters present Calculation: The Jazz Jousters & Cal Tjader [Album]

 photo jj_calculaion_zps3369c395.png

DOWNLOAD Calculation

Mark de Clive-Lowe presents One Take: [Video]

Warren XcLnce: Nymphophonic [Album]

 photo warrenxlcnce_nimphophonic_zpsc714f78b.png

Damn. Warren Xclnce makes us slide off of our seats with his stripped-down, ultra-seraphic, soulful 90s and new era samples from notable names like Erykah Badu (Hannah) and Jill Scott (Freedom).

DOWNLOAD Nymphophonic

Soulection White Label 001: Lakim [EP]

 photo lakim_whitelabelep_zps24757c04.png

It's been an amazing year of growth for the Soulection crew, and we are pleased to highlight their newest White Label series, self-described below:

In response to the overwhelming amount of quality music that becomes available daily, we've created the Soulection White Label series in (SWL) in a digital form. The series will highlight short 3-4 track EPs that really spotlight the true craftsmanship of each artist from some of the most forward-thinking creators worldwide. As our mission of breaking new artists and spreading music far and wide through our official releases continues, we present the White Label Series on Soundcloud only to expose as much talent as possible.

We are excited to announce the launch of the Soulection White Label series with who other than Lakim! The East coast-based producer masterfully blends the sound of tomorrow with the utmost of ease. Stay tuned for his forthcoming official release on Soulection in early 2014.

Artwork by Andre Power.

DOWNLOAD White Label

Marco Polo f. Talib Kweli & DJ Premier: G.U.R.U. [Video]

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Clusterfunk Collective presents Take Five: DJ RQ Away [Interview]

Father, philanthropist and purveyor of potent mixes, DJ RQ Away, sheds some light on the #Awayteam, record selection and his enhanced sense of community.

"Take Five" to tap into the talent beyond the surface.

1) Tell us a little bit about the Away Team.

The #Awayteam is an effort to achieve education, unity, and progression via music, charity, and fun. It is a brand modeled after the idea that anyone can be a help to those around them, even when they are having fun. Event-wise The Tipping Point (weekly event) serves as a headquarters for social and charitable events. In the community, I started a discount program to encourage #Awayteamers to support local businesses and try new things. Also #Awayteam organizes bike rides and, more recently, fishing workshops. These are efforts to get people to try things that are good for them, and maybe have been on their list of to do's but they needed the social encouragement. Right now (October) we are celebrating "RQtober", a celebration of the #Awayteam mission and also the 5-year anniversary of The Tipping Point. And we aspire to do so much more in and for the community.

2) What is the most significant change that has resulted from the group's community efforts?

The most significant changes are actually small, some people who've spent time around me and #Awayteam have become more informed, and also more willing to inform others of issues, new music, food ingredients

3) How many organizations are partnering with the Away Team at this time, and how can prospective partners start to network with you?

Quite a few organizations partner up to aid in spreading the word, and creating social events and opportunities. OnPoint Productions, S.W.M.N. Publishing, T Ray Productions, Diva Dawg Restaurant, 2 Cent, Uniquity Music and others. Also we have over 14 local businesses partnered with us via the #Awayteam Member Discount Card, a program that I started earlier this year.

4) Do you work with all vinyl formats or strictly 12" records?

12" records are my usual preference, but as my 45s collection grows I intend to use them more.

5) How has becoming a father made your mission more important?

Yes, quite a bit. My personal mission is to educate and train myself so that I can be a better benefit to my community and family. As a college student, family meant my mother and a few friends that lived in and around the city. Life experiences have since changed that perception; family now means my son who sprouted, a fresh tooth as well as those around me in any capacity. The random man on the bus is family, the woman sitting next to me at the city planning meeting, same thing. Making sure he grows to be a benefit to his community, himself and his family is paramount at all times. While spinning records, driving around the city, even when I sleep, his well being and future are the foremost thoughts on my mind. The only way I can teach him to be great is to be great myself and it takes a lot more than drinking less, using better language and lessening my time outside of the house to be that. It is demonstrating care and respect in every word and action he witnesses, taking better care of my health to be here when he needs a talk after a bad semester in college and so much more. Simply put - his existence has made my mission to help others more important than everything else (except him).

#AS3.2: Amygdala by Rq Away on Mixcloud

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Flowback Fridays: Scratch It 2 You Hobo [Video]


Public Enemy: Do You Wanna Go Our Way?

The Animated Egg: Sock It My Way

Double Dee & Steinski (James Brown Mix): Lesson 2

Malcolm Mclaren & World Famous Supreme Team: Hobo Scratch

Fuse presents Crate Diggers: DJ Scratch [Video]

Curren$y, Smoke DZA & Harry Fraud: The Stage [EP]

 photo currensydzafraud_stage_zpsae7222a7.png


Joey Bada$$: My Yout [Video]

Keor Meteor: Videomatic 2 [Album]

 photo videomatic2_zpsd66e1a80.png

DOWNLOAD Videomatic 2

Cut Chemist f. Chali2na & Hymnal: Work My Mind [Video]

Grillo: BLVR [EP]

 photo grillo_blve_zpsa2d6c8f4.png