Saturday, August 31, 2013



Weekly roundup of remixes, rarities, flips and edits - compiled by Clusterfunk Collective.


Friday, August 30, 2013

Flowback Fridays: Long Arrow Gone Through Me, Baby [Video]


Erykah Badu: Gone Baby, Don't Be Long

Wings: Arrow Through Me

Fuse presents Crate Diggers: DJ Eclipse [Video]

Daft Punk f. Pharrell & Nile Rodgers: Lose Yourself To Dance [Video]

Karim: Deep Rider [Mix]

 photo karim_deeprider_zps1faa7868.png


Flea Market Funk presents Feel What I'm Feelin': An All 45 Mix [Mix]

Feel What I'm Feelin': An All 45 Mix by Flea Market Funk on Mixcloud

Skratch Bastid, Marc Hype & DJ Expo: Heavyweight Carry-On [Mix]

 photo skratchbastid_45mix_zps82a05112.jpg

Asher Roth: Apples & Bananas [Video]

Funky DL: From Street To Sweet (Instrumentals) [Beat Tape]

 photo funkydl_zpscdc7df1e.png

DOWNLOAD From Street To Sweet (Instrumentals)

LoFidel: One Tape Wonder [Album]

 photo lofidel_zps18f1d6dd.png

DOWNLOAD One Tape Wonder

Fortyone: Go Bananas [Album]

 photo fortyone_gobananas_zpseaa1cc39.png


Harn Solo: Stylin' [Video]

Harn sets up shop on the sand to shoot the latest scene from his Propspek-produced album, Perfect Picture.

Harrison: When It Rains [Album]

 photo harrison_whenitrains_zps78d3f07d.png

DOWNLOAD When It Rains

Monday, August 26, 2013

Adam Kvasnica: Pschedelic Rock [Mix]

Psychedelic Rock by Adam Kvasnica on Mixcloud

The Lovewright Co. presents Question: Grown Man's Mixtape [Mix]

 photo question_grownmansmixtape_zps469700dc.png

DOWNLOAD Grown Man's Mixtape

Jazz Spastics: Time To React [EP]

 photo jazzspastics_timetoreact_ep_zpsc61afdd8.png

DOWNLOAD Time To React

OG Ron C: Purple Grail (Chopped & Screwed) [Mixtape]

 photo PurpleGrailCoverArtFinal_zps3bad9ee8.png

DOWNLOAD Purple Grail (Chopped & Screwed)

Bambu: Sun of a Gun [Mixtape]

 photo bambu_sunofagun_zpsf037c178.png

Bambu brings together a whole host of heavy-hitters for his end of summer Sun, not the least of which are DJs Babu, Rhettmatic and Q-Bert.

DOWNLOAD Sun of a Gun

Saturday, August 24, 2013



Weekly roundup of remixes, rarities, flips and edits - compiled by Clusterfunk Collective.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Flowback Fridays: Woman Got What I Need [Video]


Biz Markie: What I Need

Freddie Scott: (You) Got What I Need

Lee Dorsey: Get Out My Life Woman

Ka: Peace Akhi [Video]

Stones Throw Podcast 83 (E Da Boss): Soul With A Hole [Mix]

 photo edaboss_zpsf0d5f8b5.png

Don't miss Myron & E on the Oakland leg of their Summer tour at The New Parish on August 27th.

DOWNLOAD Stones Throw Podcast 83 (E Da Boss): Soul With A Hole

L'Orange: The Quiet Room [Video]

L'Orange lets loose of another variegated visual from The Mad Writer.

Question & Kidragon: Dirty Jazz [Mix]

 photo questionkidragon_zps98f38d68.png



 photo dreamsinanalog_zps159fedf8.png

Alex Isley impressed us with The Love/Art Memoirs, but her follow-up, DREAMSINANALOG is even better. Seemingly searching further within herself, she sounds more settled into her sound - a soulful yet damn-near trance-like approach that shines a light on her vocal skill without dampening the depth of each track.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

DJ Jazzy Jeff: Vinyl Destination (Episode 17) [Video]

The Jazz Jousters present More With Les: The Jazz Jousters Add Les McCann [Album]

 photo morewithles_zps29bc1a55.png

DOWNLOAD More With Les: The Jazz Jousters Add Les McCann

Talib Kweli: Human Mic [Video]

Malakai Beats: Derbyshire DOOM [EP]

 photo malakai_zps81653591.png


Rocky Rivera: No Love [Video]

Rapsody: She Got Game [Mixtape]

 photo Rapsody_She_Got_Game-front-large_zpsd4ac05cb.png

The first lady of Jamla joins Phonte, Jay Electronica, Mac Miller, DJ Premier and more for a fearlessly feature-heavy offering in which she goes line-for-line with a slew of leading lyricists. It should be no surprise to anyone this side of a rock that she more than held her own and, although not the first mixtape that mirrored an album, the effort produced one her finest projects to date. Fuck being King of New York. Make way for the Queen.


Coco Dank: Protect Us [Video]

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

K-Ci & Jo-Jo: Knock It Off [Video] presents [some] jazz 8 by Bama Lovesoul on Mixcloud

Stan Forebee: Jazz Sessions [Album]

 photo stanforebee_zps3081af0f.png

Stan Forebee sounds like the sober side of Clutchy Hopkins. Simple and stable, yet brooding and bellowing, the twelve Sessions are pure soul-infused satisfaction.


The Hedonist: Introducing.... The New Jazz Collective [Mix]

Introducing.... The New Jazz Collective by The Hedonist on Mixcloud

We have highlighted many mixes from The Hedonist, so we are happy to herald The New Jazz Collective, a forum to feature the talents of The Hedonist alongside fellow group members playjazzloud, Jake Stern (Zowah Zay), and Dubbel Dee. In addition, they aim to "identify, attract and feature talented young, new jazz cloudcasters" by providing a "opportunity to present their mixes to larger audiences through being promoted by respected jazz aficionados, who are The New Jazz Collective."

Amerigo Gazaway: Chromed Out Remixes (Vol. 1) [EP]

 photo ag_chromedoutremixes_zpsad1d6f83.png

DOWNLOAD Chromed Out Remixes (Vol. 1)

Keor Meteor: San Andreas [Album]

 photo sanandreas_zps88c0c3ef.png

DOWNLOAD San Andreas

DJ Spintelect: The Best of Nas [Mix]

 photo djspintelect_zps78a33a46.png

DOWNLOAD The Best of Nas

Monday, August 19, 2013

Bon Bon Vivant: Evangeline [EP]

 photo bonvivant_evangeline_zps1e85df74.png

Big Easy band Bon Bon Vivant lets loose of their first official EP, self-described as blues, funk and jazz "for anyone who will listen."


Scratchandsniff: Back To Niceness [Mix]

 photo scratchandsniff_zpsf7c3c76f.png

DOWNLOAD Back To Niceness

Aceyalone: Pass The Hint [Video]

Tab-One & Sunshine J: Madflowridiculous [Album]

 photo madflowridiculous_zpsb3ae72f7.png

DOWNLOAD Madflowridiculous

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mike Osterman: A Short Skate Film [Video]

DJ Chicken George: Concrete Jazztronica! Mix (Nos. 1 & 2) [Mix]

DJ Chicken George - Concrete Jazztronica! Mix no.1 by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

DJ Chicken George never disappoints. His series of various Jazztronica! sets are seamless, and the first two Concrete collections are no different. Check for standouts In The Sea (DJ B. Cause), Find Another Way (Question and Freddie Joachim), and Fool On The Hill (Trackademics featuring Phonte).

DJ Chicken George - Concrete Jazztronica! Mix no. 2 by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

Exploded Drawing: Houston (Lo-Phi, Rez, Falcon Fucker, Sampler And Son, Sound Founder & Jonwayne) [Video]

Mobetta f. Jean Grae: Back At The Ranch [Video]

Kanye West & The Beatles: What's A Black Beatle? [Mixtape]

 photo kanye_west_and_the_beatles_zps174bc5c9.png

DOWNLOAD What's A Black Beatle?

Terrace Martin f. Robert Glasper & James Fauntleroy: No Right, No Wrong [Video]

Adam Kvasnica: Shibuya Jazz Classics [Mix]

Shibuya Jazz Classics by Adam Kvasnica on Mixcloud

DJ Sapien: Dumplings [Album]

 photo djspaien-dumplings_zpsdd2728c0.png

Remember Cedric The Entertainer's pantomimed parrallel parking of a spaceship in the original Kings of Comedy? Dumplings is the type of multi-dimensional music that I imagine would provide the soundtrack to such a scene - deep in drums with a hint of house.

DOWNLOAD Dumplings

Duke Westlake: Gravel [EP]

 photo dukewestlake-gravel_zps1cf3343b.png

Duke Westlake digs his hands into his work and comes up with six gritty gems he affectionately labeled Gravel.


Magnitude: Magnitude [EP]

Five man NOLA funk band Magnitude (which includes members from Fo On The Flo) let loose of their self-titled first EP via Bandcamp. If you're familiar with their work at Maison on Frenchman or have caught any of their live Uniquity performances, then we do not have to explain how extraordinarily talented these cats are. If not, take a moment to immerse yourself in the sound of the streets of home.

LIKE MagnitudeNola on Facebook and FOLLOW on Twitter @MagnitudeNola.

Saturday, August 10, 2013



Weekly roundup of remixes, rarities, flips and edits - compiled by Clusterfunk Collective.


BINKBEATS: Beats Unraveled (#1-#4) [Video]

After BINKBEATS Unraveled several favorites, including The Healer and Without You - two standout singles in their own respective right - the sound-stripper has opened the opportunity for viewer's to submit requests to be considered for his next session. View the video above and/or visit for more details. While you're at it, take a gander at some of his prior projects below:

Beats Unraveled #1: The Healer (Erykah Badu/Madlib)

Beats Unraveled #2: Getting There (Flying Lotus)

Beats Unraveled #3: Without You (Lapalux)

Beats Unraveled #1: Lost & Found (Amon Tobin)

Beats Unraveled #1: The Healer (Erykah Badu/Madlib)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Flowback Fridays: Black Baby [Video]


Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz: Uptown Baby

Steely Dan: Black Cow

Prince Paul Interviews Nile Rodgers [Video]

Dam-Funk Discusses Collaboration With Steve Arrington [Video]

Fuse presents Crate Diggers: Tony Touch [Video]

Quasimoto: Catchin' The Vibe [Video]

DJ Jazzy Jeff: Vinyl Destination (Episode 16) [Video]

DJ Muggs f. Rahzel: Breathe Slow [Video]

Stalley: Honest Cowboy (Episode 2) [Video]

Stalley: Honest Cowboy [Mixtape]

 photo stalleyfront_zps734dcd28.png

DOWNLOAD Honest Cowboy

Myron & E: Do It Do It Disco [Video]

Francis Chiser: House of Alma's Lovers [Mix]

 photo fc_zpsdab66afb.jpg

Want to know the mark of a great mix? When your wife cannot ride to Oakland and back without hearing it at least once. Tom's Summer stole my car stereo like a thief in the night, and I anticipate that House of Alma's Lovers will be no different. The syrupy (yet not sticky sweet) soul of Sade, Stevie Wonder, SWV and so many more - plus a sick Matthew Africa Edit of Feist's Sea Lion - come together to create a sublime soundscape.

DOWNLOAD House of Alma's Lovers

Jimi Hendrix Experience: Little Miss Lover (Platurn Intro Edit) [Single]

 photo platurnjimi_zpsb2422529.png

DOWNLOAD Little Miss Lover (Platurn Intro Edit)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Harn Solo: The Future [Video]

Cody Chestnutt: I've Been Life [Video]

Asher Roth & DJ Wreckineyez: Radical Magical | BBQ Birthday Edition (2013) [Mix]

 photo radicalmagic_zpsf5d5765d.png

DOWNLOAD Radical Magical | BBQ Birthday Edition (2013)

DJ Needles: A Tribe Called 'Kast [Mix]

 photo a-tribe-called-quest-outkast-nappy-dj-needles_zpsa8a27b51.png


Brooklyn Radio presents The Stick Up: 100% Method Man [Mix]

The Stick Up - 100% DJ Premier by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

Jet Life: Red Eye [Mixtape]

 photo jet-life-red-eye-mixtape_zps96cb8284.png

Curren$y and crew come together for a third collection of cuts, fit with production from Thelonius Martin, Monstabeatz, Cardo, Sledgren.


Stalley: Honest Cowboy (Episode 1) [Video]