Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pragmatic Theory presents Kal-L & Keor Meteor: JFK [Album]

 photo jfk_zps6bfa5c28.png

From Kal-L:

The words of man have been the catalyst to ears throughout the world for centuries to communicate, to bring knowledge and to create change. Daily, we speak to one another and overlook the importance and power of thoughts that are transferred to sounds to help one another. In my years of listening, I have come to absorb the words from my forefathers of rap, philosophy, and pure intelligence. JFK has effected many people in his time, and still to this day the words he spoke have layed foundations for many lives, and guided people on a positive path. I have teamed up with the 'Great' Keor Meteor and Pragmatic Theory to show my dedication to a man that dedicated his life to helping others, and felt that this duo is an example of unity for a greater cause. Enjoy!


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