Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Record Breakin' presents Sound Traveler Series #1: DJ Skeme Richards [Mix]

From DJ Skeme Richards:

For this first installment of Sound Traveler, which is sure to be a long running series for Record Breakin’ Music, I decided to focus specifically on tunes that were given to me directly by artists and independent labels during my travels across the globe. Of course each selection comes directly from a vinyl source, after all Record Breakin’ is a label that understands the importance of pressing physical media so we wouldn’t do it any other way? In addition to those aforementioned I also decided to throw in a few cuts from some of my favorite albums that I have collected throughout the years. Genres include everything from Hip Hop to Jazz with a few Electronic touches and Radio Spots in between. And since everything was done with vinyl, it was also done in real time, no edits or corrections to flaws which give it an even more sense of authenticity.

Hopefully you will enjoy this mix as much as I enjoyed making it and it’s an honor to be featured in this brand new series known as Sound Traveler.

DOWNLOAD Sound Traveler Series #1: DJ Skeme Richards

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