Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rugz D. Bewler "Save Bewler: The Memoirs Of Muhammad McFly" (Mixtape)


We love that artists like Rugz D. Bewler are making an effort at returning to fun-filled hip-hop. That is not to say that politically-driven or even some harder-spitting artists aren't relevant anymore, it is just nice to see a better balance. On days when we all would like to strangle our bosses we can refer to artists like Atmosphere as a source of sanity, but there are also those occasions (Michael [K]nights, shall we say?) when we feel Superbad, and for these Rugz is preferred. Be sure to listen to his latest, Save Bewler: The Memoirs Of Muhammad McFly, and peep his video for Superbad below.


Seen and heard @rugzdbewler

Seen and heard at Clusterfunk Collective's YouTube Channel

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