Wednesday, October 31, 2012

RQ Away: Homeless In New Orleans [Mixtape]


RQ Away is quickly becoming a familiar face on this site. Offering a wide range of mixes, including #SchwinnLife and Amygdala (just to name a few), the GO DJ embodies the elements of home, at the same time not shying away from experimenting with fusions which may at first seem foreign. He describes his latest, Homeless In New Orleans, like this:

As a life long resident of the Crescent City certain things have always been present, spicy food, good music, dirty cops, filthy politicians, and homeless people being shuffled around from place to place. This tape is not about music, it is about the idea that homelessness has to be. We have trees lining Canal street that cost more than some cars and yet the funding for housing assistance for human beings seeking refuge below over passes is not available.

As the tape progresses a conversation is had. Earl King's 'Street Parade' represents the happiness and wonder our city can produce, Dr. John's voodoo inspired rant represents the idea of karma making amends with those in power who benefit from and ignore those in need. John Lacarbiere's voice represents that of those who take it into their own hands in helping and preventing further pain amongst a people. This conversation continues as a representation of voices around the issue some opposed and some aligned.

Questions of the government's true hand in homelessness in our community, the idea that you hold power in the voting booth locally and nationally. Homelessness is only one of our larger issues in this great city but the things around it, lack of funding for education, a government divided when a people are at its mercy, a prominent bourgeoise cell within the city that simply thinks its the fault of those who are in need and that if they wanted they wouldn't be in such a position, as well as a capitalistic group who simply use the idea of lending assistance for show, with no want for a consistent positive result for those they help.

Homelessness is a major issue and although we can't all lend a room, resume, and a suit to everyone we see in need we can spare some change, a conversation, some time, or a plate of warm food.

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