Thursday, October 25, 2012

RQ Away: #SchwinnLife [Mixtape]


From RQ Away:

Rushing down your favorite neighborhood hill is a wonderful idea until that turning mack truck just doesn't see you. #SchwinnLife a term I adapted to describe bike riding adventures I went on with my friends, and sometimes my thoughts and a good playlist. This mixtape is whatever you want it to be, simple entertainment, a soundtrack to your next bike ride or the instrumental that keeps you moving in the gym. Its creation is meant to motivate if moving and stimulate if standing still, the audio is set to mimic a quick bike ride across town. Bumps, breaks, sudden stops and waits for the train all inside, even towards the end of the ride when you wanna give up, yup thats there too. So press play, dig it, and share.

DOWNLOAD #SchwinnLife

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