Wednesday, July 25, 2012

RQ Away: #AS3.2: Amygdala [Mixtape]


The peaceful little moth was sitting under my non functioning car while I put air in my bike tires. The species is 'Giant Leopard Moth' or Hypercompe scribonia, what you may not see(click the picture for a closer look) amidst the obviously black dotted white wings is a small cluster of furry blue dots which compliment black and white and blue legs, and a dark blue abdomen featuring orange markings. The ride was cancelled due to the very storm this moth preemptively hid from. The moth's presence seemed to parallel my thoughts today. A could be visual spectacle hiding under a car for safety in a storm. The parallel comes in the sense of sometimes one's potential isn't or can't be reached due to a passing "storm" be it internal or act of nature, personally these storms are frequent and they seem to come from places that should be mental and emotional oases. As a DJ, my current mission is to present music new or not to those who need to hear it, giving new light to tracks and artist whenever possible. In this instance I may have spilled some emotion onto the mixer so please excuse the anger, disappointment, sweat, and fear, just enjoy what is presented in your own space and at your own risk because this gets a little loud. The song selection reflects some of the emotional and mental cues for this mix so if you listen closely you might be able to read my mind. Please enjoy.

DOWNLOAD #AS3.2: Amygdala

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