Friday, January 25, 2013

Potholes In My Blog presents Ain't That Good News: A Tribute To Sam Cooke [Album]


From Potholes In My Blog:

To honor the life and music of the King of Soul, we reached out to some of our favorite producers to pay homage to his legacy on our latest instrumental compilation. 'Ain't That Good News: A Tribute to Sam Cooke' partially shares the name of Cooke's final studio album, which houses arguably his most powerful and important song of all, 'A Change Is Gonna Come'. I can personally remember that track hitting me like a ton—nay, 10 tons—of bricks when I first heard it as a teenager. While I could never understand the pain and tragedy he experienced, Cooke's longing vocals and resonating words struck me to the core.

We've presented a number of instrumental compilations in the past, including the autumnal 'Robot Soup' last October, but 'Ain't That Good News' is our most poignant to date. It features the likes of Scoop DeVille and Two Fresh reinterpreting prisoner anthem 'Chain Gang' while Phil A and Poptartpete deliver beautifully constructed pieces derived from interview clips. Elsewhere, ILLINGSWORTH and IMAKEMADBEATS provide piano-laced bursts of caffeine and Swarvy takes 'Mean Old World' to another dimension.

Ain't That Good News: A Tribute To Sam Cooke

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