Sunday, June 15, 2014

CFUNK Hiatus

Clusterfunk Collective came together nearly ten years ago as an outlet for combined creativity. Beginning by designing and distributing our own line of apparel, we quickly expanded to multimedia production and music promotion. We have had the opportunity to work with rookies and seasoned starters alike, including several which we have both long admired. Most important, we have shared experiences and built relationships that will continue to grow as we move to the next chapter in the CFUNK saga.

Although we will no longer share content on a daily or weekly basis, we will continue to highlight notable projects via Twitter and Facebook, and will also talk with artists through our "Take Five" interview series. In addition, we will now have a better chance to collaborate with the creatives that we connected with along the way. We are also pursuing several brand new ventures that will expound upon what we have already established and elevate the brand to the next level.

Thank you to the artists and affiliates that have contributed to the success of Clusterfunk Collective thus far, and to the friends, family and followers that have supported us. We look forward to sharing more with all of you.

Please continue to follow us on Twitter and also on Facebook. And feel free to dig, there are volumes of posts throughout the site!

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