Monday, June 18, 2012

DJ M-Rock: The Best of Tupac [Mixtape]


Here’s a tape I definitely did for his fans. I’ve put a pretty exhausting schedule on myself for the next few weeks, so this is my first tape without a signature M-Rock intro, just because time’s an issue for June. Expect a really big tribute next week, hopefully my biggest yet. Every time I make a tribute mix, I learn interesting things about the artist. I had no idea Dre and Tupac didn’t like each other. I never noticed the line in ‘To Live And Die in L.A.' where he says 'California love part 2, without gay ass Dre'. Kinda crazy actually – California Love was Dre’s track, a joint that would hopefully blow him up again after the Chronic, and Suge made sure he gave it to Tupac strictly because they were labelmates, and at that time, both signed to Death Row. Listen to the Dre-produced 'Can’t C Me'. It sounds identical to Snoop’s 'What’s My Name', or better yet, a crappy version of the snoop track – it had me thinking Dre gave him a poor effort simply out of spite. It’s weird because throughout my little life battling, DJing, I’ve had small beefs and people biting my work, but I can’t imagine what these guys were feeling. Two of the biggest artists in hip-hop history, working during a time of a silly west-east coast beef, and they didn’t even like each other. Pac sounds like he might have been really difficult to work with in the studio, but he cranked out a lot of work, with a lot of range – Enjoy 80 minutes of everything 2Pac, from his original samples, to Dave Chappelle’s skits about how Pac still lives, to his first joints with Digital Underground. Peace.

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