Friday, March 8, 2013

Shag presents Flyrule: a Terrible Fate [Beat Tape]


From Shag:

I remember when I got Majora's Mask. I was 9 years old, and it was a Christmas present from my (fucking awesome) parents. I was so upset because every Christmas, we would open presents and then leave straight to my Grandma's house (3 hours away), and I wouldn't get to play with my gifts for about a week. The entire time we were with my family I just wanted to go home and play the new Zelda. When I finally got a chance I was a little surprised.

Majora's Mask was so different than OoT to the then young me. At the time, I was a little too young to understand the darker atmosphere and the heartbreaking themes that ran rampant in that game. As I grew older and got a chance to immerse myself in Termina once again, I played through the game with a much more solid grasp of what was going on, and in many ways, Majora's Mask replaced Ocarina of Time as my favorite Zelda.

This runs parallel to my hobby of producing in a generously abstracted way. I visited Ocarina of Time in my earlier days of producing... and while my effort (Flyrule) made a lasting impact on it's listeners, I felt as if I had come a long way since then. It was time for me to offer up something new; something that, though a bit darker and refined in style, better represented me as an artist and person.

Here's my take on some of the classic tracks from Majora's Mask. Enjoy it, share it with your friends, buy it from me, listen to it while you re-visit Majora's Mask, I don't know.

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