Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nate OG presents The Click: The Stevie Wonder Sessions [Beat Tape]


As part of a youtube group of friends and producers called Da Click, all of which are dope behind the boards but never had dropped any projects I came up with the idea to do a project showcase all the members to give them exposure or introduce them to the world other than YouTube. At first I wasnt gonna produce on this project but the peeps talked me into it.

DOWNLOAD The Click: The Stevie Wonder Sessions

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nathaniel oglesby said...

thanks for the support my name is nate og i part of da click and put the project togehter as far as organizing and this kinda on some exec producer tip da click all members would like to thank you for your support #salute p.s. how can an artist or producer submit projects to you for youtr site?

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