Monday, February 27, 2012

Logikbomb: Soul Sequence (v.1) [Beat Tape]


From Logikbomb:

'SOUL SEQUENCE.' This was the name I finally came up with after days of what my wife and I call 'Beater's Block' (writers block for I figured out that when I sit and THINK about how im going to create a song, or chop and sequence a sample, im promoting this 'Beaters Block' ('just let if come from the SOUL when you SEQUENCE'). That's what I thought. I had to train myself to Stop THINKING about how a track needs to be tweaked or 'Perfected.' Just let the track BE.

In addition, the talented guest, Clyde Piff, Kakemix, Ron Diesel, Elle, Underdog, E7thP, 85 mind and others are people I trusted would not influence me to THINK about creating. You are about to LISTEN to what it's like to create without being concerned about being PERFECT. Hope you get inspired to freestyle off some of these joints, bob ur head or wonder 'what the heck was he thinking about.' Then you'll see, I wasnt thinking, I was just creating.

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